Churchill Weekly Photos – Final Aurora Season Pics

Churchill northern lights

Night lights in Churchill. Dorota Walkoski photo.


Churchill northern lights

Churchill trapper tent under the northern lights. Discover Churchill photo.

Another banner northern lights season is finishing up this week as Natural Habitat Adventure’s last groups are in Churchill. These two sensational aurora shots are two beauties that capture the incredible lights above the Hudson Bay! Features on the ground always accentuate the greenish glow in the northern sky and these two by local photographers Dorota Walkoski and Alex de Vries – Magnifico really raise the level of photo composition around northern lights. Enjoy these and stay posted for some other lingering pics and news from the 2019 Hudson Bay Quest starting tomorrow.


Hudson Bay Quest a Week Away

Churchill is preparing for the return of the annual Hudson Bay Quest! The trail is going in, straw is ordered, checkpoints are being readied. Looks like we shall have ourselves a race in 2 weeks! Tom Terry has withdrawn for this year. Racers are as follows:

David Daley, Churchill, MB
Blake Freking, Finland, MN, USA
Peter McClelland, Ely, MN, USA
Shawn McCarty, Ely, MN, USA
Martin Massicotte, QC
Denis Tremblay, QC
Ed Obrecht, ON
Jesse Terry, Sioux Lookout, ON
Kevin Malikowski, MN, USA
Jake Leingang, Finland, MN, USA


Stay tuned to for updates beginning next Friday. Good luck to all the mushers!

Celebrate International Polar Bear Day

polar bear in Churchill

Stretch time in Churchill. NHA photo.


polar bear season churchill

A polar bear gaze in the midst of polar bear season. NHA photo.


Polar bear in Churchill

A polar bear on the rocks warming in the sun. Alex De Vries-Magnifico photo.


Churchill polar bear near mile 5

Another great close up of a polar bear near mile 5 in Churchill. Jodi Grosbrink photo. wish you all a memorable International Polar Bear Day. Churchill is recovering from economic strife following no train service for over a year and a half. Now with the connection to the south restored, a bright future is in store for Churchill and the surrounding communities. Polar bear populations appear healthy over the past few years and more people will be able to journey to the Polar Bear Capital of the World!

Churchill Photos of the Week – Lynx

These two lynx photos are spectacular and rare looks into one of the most majestic northern species of wildlife.

The lynx is a solitary animal roaming North America’s remote northern forests. Lynx have alluring thick fur that keeps them warm during extended frigid winters. Large furry paws, like the one visible in the first image above, contact snow with a spreading toe motion allowing them to function like natural snowshoes.

With this ability to move easily through snowy conditions, lynx are intrepid hunters that utilize astonishing hearing and eyesight. A lynx can spot a mouse at a distance of nearly 250 feet.

Canada lynx have a variety of small prey on their menu though they prefer the snowshoe hare. The lynx rely so much on this particular species that lynx numbers fluctuate with a cyclical plunge in the snowshoe hare population occurring about every ten years.

Lynx mate in late winter or early spring and following a gestation period of about two months and give birth to a litter of one to five young.

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