Churchill Weekly Photo – Wild North

Some iconic images from the north look like they could be from past centuries. Not much in the landscape or the clothing has changed. The timelessness of the Arctic culture and setting will endure for a long time to come. With all the recent changes in Churchill, the land and the aura of the frontier town remain timeless.We hope the wildlife and especially the dynamic Hudson Bay polar bear population.

Train Back In Churchill After 560 Days – Video

This video account of riding the first train back to Churchill in 560 days is quite poignant and really touches the heart of the “lifeline” that is the Hudson Bay Railroad. Via Rail sent its first passenger train to Churchill and so many lives were reunited for the first time in a long time. It seems like just yesterday that the continuing battle over the responsibility for repairing the tracks was reaching a tumultuous head. Now with the tracks intact and rail service restored, the northern towns are connected again with the rest of the province and beyond. Polar bear, northern lights and beluga whale seasons will be enjoyed by so many more travelers now in the coming years!

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