Churchill Sunday Photos – Arctic Tern

Three magnificent photos from Andy Murch in Churchill. The Arctic tern is an amazing bird with the longest migratory path of any bird  travelling pole to pole throughout the year. Watching terns scavenge capelin from the waters surface in Churchill after being churned... read more

Nunavut Wildflowers and Wolves

    These three outstanding shots from Nunavut characterize the northern Arctic summer in Nunavut. Churchill has its fantastic beluga whale season though the further north one goes the more there is to discover across the tundra!... read more

Belugas in the Hudson Bay

These are some of the coolest photos we have seen from the Churchill River of the beluga whales. Andy Murch from Bigfish Expeditions took these on a recent visit to Churchill. He has refined his ability to capture these animals in their natural habitat with incredible... read more

Churchill Weekly Photo – Beluga Selfie

What an incredible underwater shot from Andy Murch in Churchill just last week. Beluga season has produced some magnificent and rare images this year and this one ranks right at the top. Experiencing the beluga whales while diving or snorkeling in the Churchill River... read more

Canadian Government Will Protect Caribou Herd

  The Canadian government will be implementing a protection plan for the threatened boreal or woodland caribou herd in the north. The decision comes three months after the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPWS) filed a judicial review application in Federal... read more

Churchill Video – Wapusk Polar Bears

Quite beautiful footage of Arctic wildlife, especially a polar bear family in the pristine environs of Wapusk National Park near Churchill. Rarely captured the interactions between a mother and her two cubs in snowy Wapusk. Photographers venture from all across the... read more

Churchill Sea Walls Murals Top Choices

Churchill received a makeover recently and the murals that now adorn some formerly vacant walls are nothing less than breathtaking. Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans is the official sponsor and organizer for these magnificent art works. The foundation seeks to convey... read more

Midnight Sun in Nunavut

This breathtaking photograph of the midnight sun emerging from the clouds on the horizon in Hall Beach, Nunavut is one of the best shots we have ever seen of the northern summer phenomena! The community has a population of around 850 and is located in the Qikiqtaaluk... read more

Churchill Sunday Photo – Moose is Loose

What a sight! This moose on the shores of the Hudson Bay seems to be waiting for a ferry boat to pick him up. Rarely do these animals wander down to the coast but we’re happy to see this one and credit Sea North Tours for such an awesome shot!... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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