Northern Lights from Inside the Aurora Pod

This time-lapse view from inside the Aurora Pod in Churchill was filmed by Natural Habitat guide Justin Gibson…pre – blizzard of course. Once the snow and wind stops we hope to see more amazing footage and photos from the site of the pod out on the Hudson... read more

Churchill Blizzard Continues Raging

A hellacious blizzard is continuing to bury Churchill with heavy, drifting snow. People have been advised to remain inside and stay safe until the weather lets up sometime on Thursday. In many cases leaving the house isn’t a choice as snow buried any access... read more

Unique Churchill Northern Lights Photos

Magnificent northern lights have been flooding the sky lately in Churchill and surrounding northern regions. Full panorama views have been the norm as opposed to last years waves of isolated aurora borealis. By all means the aurora last season was by far the most... read more

Why Northern Lights Pics Pop

Quite often when photographing northern lights, the surrounding features matter more in the making of an awesome image.These five shots from Churchill this season all have different facets that accentuate the photo. Typically, the more unique features that bring... read more

Churchill Northern Lights Photos

These three northern lights photos from Great White Bear’s Dorota Walkoski are from this week. Amazing aurora borealis action in the skies above Churchill! After a slower start than last year, this season is starting to hit the sweet spot for northern lights in... read more

Doomsday Vault Tour – Video

Last week we posted news about the Doomsday Vault in Svalbard. The facility took in 50,000 new seeds for safe storage in the event of a catastrophe on Earth. Here is a fascinating video tour of the vault in the Arctic and how it all works!... read more

Polar Bear Pop Quiz

  Polar Bear Pop Quiz In celebration of International Polar Bear Day, Natural Habitat Adventures and Lindblad Expeditions have come up with this fun polar bear quiz for you to test your knowledge of the King of the Arctic, the magnificent polar bear. Click this... read more

Arctic Doomsday Vault Gets Seed Deposit

The “Arctic Doomsday” seed vault just took in a hefty deposit of some of the world’s most varied and treasured plant seeds to store in case of a world catastrophe. The recent deposit to the Global Seed Vault consisted of 50,000 seeds from several... read more

How Northern Lights Work – Video

This short video explains very succinctly how northern lights are formed. Hopefully this gives everyone a basic understanding of what is behind those amazing aurora borealis spectacles that glimmer across the northern skies above Churchill and other parts of the... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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