Magical Northern Lights Videos

Enjoy these fantastic short northern lights video clips that will remind us all of the season of lights in January and March. The Arctic summer season is almost upon us and soon beluga whales will take over the spotlight. Wildflowers, birds and whales will highlight... read more

Arctic Fox Hunting Video

We’ve posted other videos of Arctic foxes hunting lemmings in the snow – covered tundra and they all are fantastic. This video is a bit humorous as well as a pretty cool synopsis of the technique needed to hone in on the furry little mammals, usually... read more

Churchill Photos of the Week

      Fantastic four photos from Churchill photographer Katie de Meulles that paint the picture of spring soon to become summer in Churchill. Caribou and sunsets are tell – tale indicators of the changing seasons. Let’s hope with that change... read more

Travel Manitoba Video – Winnipeg to Churchill

Manitoba Travel recently released this short video in a series of promotional films highlighting the incredible features of the province. This particular clip takes us on a journey from Winnipeg to Churchill and builds the anticipation for travelers heading to... read more

Churchill Floods Cause Havoc on Train Service

  Nobody really thought ahead when the massive blizzards were pounding Churchill this past March. When the spring thaw came, permafrost has prevented meltwater from permeating the soil and has lead to major flooding in parts of the tundra from Thompson to... read more

Two Exquisite Northern Lights Photos

  These two images highlight the creativity and photography talent of Paul Zizka. His northern lights photos, especially, evoke a solitude and ethereal feeling unlike any other photographer’s work we have seen recently. His usage of foreground features... read more

Churchill Photo of the Week

Dorota Walkoski of Great White Bear Tours captured this harbinger of spring image in Churchill. Caribou, snow geese and Canada geese fill the landscape and feed on the bounty which the north provides this time of year! Bountiful Churchill summer will be upon us soon... read more

Wildlife Photo Contest

Want to win an epic photography safari with Natural Habitat Adventures? Enter our 2017 Wildlife Photo Contest by submitting up to three of your best wildlife shots by May 31! Enter... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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