First Nations Group Ends Churchill Port Bid

The Port of Churchill is minus one prospective suitor for possible acquisition. The group, iChurchill and a First Nations consortium led by Glenn Hudson, Peguis First Nations Chief has withdrawn from bidding on the Port and the Hudson Bay Line. “We are... read more

Churchill Sunday Photos

  Two awesome images from Churchill photographer Katie DeMeulles.This time of year in Churchill is when birds are arriving all over the tundra and the landscape is alive. These swans and gyrfalcon are early to the spring party.We can’t wait for the... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Murals Trailer

With the crisis in Churchill continuing to affect the everyday lives of all 800 residents, a recent art project coordinated by Kal Barteski has brought hope and promise of change to the isolated northern town. Barteski organized artists from around the world to gather... read more

Gypsy’s Bakery Destroyed in Fire

The iconic Churchill deli and restaurant that was the most popular gathering place in Churchill was destroyed in an early morning fire early this morning.. The building, described as a total loss by Churchill mayor Mike Spence, caught fire just after midnight. Fire... read more

China Firm Enters Ring to Buy Port

Just when you thought the Port of Churchill and accompanying Hudson Bay Line were in a negotiated sale…again…another potential suitor has arisen to acquire the assets and begin shipping from the port. Executives from Herun Group Co. Ltd., a Chinese company... read more

Churchill Port and Hudson Bay Line Sold…Again?

  A Manitoba First Nations group has formed a partnership with an independent company to establish the reopening of the rail line to Churchill and potential operation of the grain port in Churchill. Heard that before? Well, this time we might be in for the real... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Arviat

What’s it like living in Arviat near the Arctic Circle? The town of 2,500 – half are under the age of 19- coexists with polar bears roaming the streets and coast of the Hudson Bay. Leo Ikhakik helps keep the townspeople safe from polar bears by patrolling... read more

Great White Bear Mini Monster Build

  Great White Bear and Anything Custom has done it again. They created this mini monster ATV, “Sherpa”, with a top speed of  28mph on land and 3.8mph in the water. The Walkoski crew is testing it out as they drive to Churchill. They left Gillam late... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Sun Dogs

  Come on this relaxing snowmobile ride around Churchill and out toward Cape Merry and the port. The sun dogs are amazing in this short spin around the outskirts of the polar bear capital of the world on the shores of the Hudson Bay! The footage was captured with a Go... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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