Churchill Sunday Photo – Miss Piggy

The icon of Churchill that is dubbed “Miss Piggy” is photographed year-round with various conditions providing the backdrop. This surreal northern lights image by Alex De Vries – Magnifico just a week ago shows another way to highlight the aurora... read more

Arctic Art Alert- Whitehorse Horse

The abundance of exhilarating art in the north has necessitated a periodic new posting on We will feature different stories of artists and their art that is prolific all over the Arctic and sub – Arctic. This week’s feature is this... read more

Massive Caribou Herd in 360

Some of North America’s largest caribou herd – females only- are heading north toward Nunavik. The females head out of Quebec’s boreal forest a few weeks ahead of males to get settled in and have their calves. Averaging 20 km per day, the caribou... read more

Dolphin Rescue – Newfoundland

People on Bell Island of Newfoundland and Labrador have united to rescue a pod of dolphins stuck in thick pack ice since Sunday. In all, the group of islanders successfully rescued four dolphins by Monday. “It was amazing to see a community come together to help... read more

“Doomsday” Document Vault Opened

Recently we reported on the deposit of 50,000 seeds into the “Doomsday Vault” on Svalbard Island in Norway. The vault is buried in the side of a snow packed mountainside and sealed to preserve the precious seeds that produce Earth’s food supply. In... read more

Churchill Webinar – Justin Gibson

Churchill is widely known as the premier location to see the King of the Arctic, aka polar bear! Natural Habitat guide Justin Gibson has spent many seasons in Churchill guiding avid travelers on the tundra to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. This... read more

Aurora Focus Returns to Churchill

After what seems like weeks of blizzard news from Churchill, the main focus of this time of year has returned with some exquisite and intriguing northern lights images from Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton. Drew and his travelers ventured out on the ice... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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