Churchill Video of the Week

  Iqaluit was -35C recently and some fun was had by Jinny Lamontagne with this slow motion video of spraying some hot tea. Winter can be long in the Arctic so new experiences are a way to make it through and stimulate the mind. This video reminds us all of the popular... read more

2018 Hudson Bay Quest Canceled

For a second consecutive year the Hudson Bay Quest dog sled race, that runs from Churchill to Gillam every March, has been canceled. The ongoing saga of a washed out train line, known as the Hudson Bay Line, after runoff from two late-season blizzards in 2017 has... read more

Churchill Sunday Photo – Ice Meal

It’s seal hunting season on the Hudson Bay ice pack north of Churchill. After an incredible polar bear season and a frigid last couple of weeks of November, the bears headed onto the ice pack to build their fat reserves for the winter. With northern lights... read more

Churchill Northern Lights Season

In a few days you will begin seeing updates and images from the far north in Churchill where the northern lights will glimmer night after night. Stay posted for amazing sights and stories of Natural Habitat Adventures travelers enjoying the Churchill way of life. This... read more

Churchill Weekly Photo

This is what life in the Arctic is like. A beautiful moment captured in the open air with a magnificent sky that never ends. The landscape is an awesome backdrop for all life that inhabits this wonderfully simplistic environment. This shot of Caitlin Nunalik by Conner... read more

Churchill “Raw” Returning

The incredible dining experience known as RAW will return to Churchill on March 2 – 10. The annual gastronomic wonder sets up out at Fort Prince of Wales across the Churchill River. A transparent glass roof allows diners to enjoy gourmet cuisine under the... read more

Churchill Sunday Photo – Aurora Tree

Scenery in Churchill becomes other – worldly when northern lights shine down on the land. This season should be as surprising ad magical as ever with the aurora forecast very good. We can’t wait to bring more spectacular lights to you all as well as all... read more

Arctic Inuvik Sunrise Festival Begins

The sun will rise today in Inuvik, NWT for the first time since December 5th. The celebration will be rejoiced by the 3,300 townsfolk and hundreds of travelers during the weekend’s 31st Annual Inuvik Sunrise Festival to honor the return of light to the region.... read more

Churchill Sunday Photo

Such an awesome polar bear shot from Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton in Churchill. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year’s eve and coming 2018! will be bringing you all the coming sights from the sky above... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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