Churchill Aurora Borealis Photo

Northern lights in th Arctic

Northern lights in an Arctic landscape. CBC North photo.

This open landscape vista of northern lights and a lone snowmobiler exudes the vastness of the barren north. Tantalizing northern lights can portray even the most inauspicious scene as incredibly wondrous and mystical. Aurora borealis in Churchill and the surrounding Arctic have been off the charts lately and we continue to discover the most beautiful images from all across the region. Enjoy!

Churchill Weekly Photo – Caroline

Caroline Bjorklund

Caroline Bjorklund (far right) and her sister Nancy with a couple of old Nat Hab guys. Brendan O’Neill photo.

Churchill and the world lost an amazing Dene elder this weekend. Caroline Bjorklund was a friend and quite an inspiration to the whole community and everyone that was lucky to meet her and hear her story. More will be posted in the coming days regarding her and her life in Churchill.

Churchill Weekly Photos – Aurora Magic

northern lights churchill

Northern lights seem to be coming from the chimney of this cabin. Andre Brandt photo.


Aurora Borealis in Churchill

Aurora Borealis above the Ithaca shipwreck in Churchill. Andre Brandt photo.


northern lights manitoba

Northern lights always look awesome with water below. Andre Brandt photo.


northern lights wapusk adventures Churchill, Manitoba

Northern lights flooding the sky above tee pee at Wapusk Adventures in Churchill. Andre Brandt photo.


Churchill inukshuk northern lights

The most photographed inukshuk in the north. Located behind the town complex in Churchill on the beach. Andre Brandt photo.

Andre Brandt is becoming one of the premier northern lights photographers in the world. He spends a lot of time in the north and especially around the aurora borealis mecca of Churchill, Manitoba. Most of these shots are from around that region and the unique perspective Andre adds is what sets his images apart from others. Visit his site to see all of his work. We can never get enough of awesome northern lights pics from the Arctic! Enjoy!

Churchill Weekly Photos

Inukshuk in NWT Ingraham Trail

Ice covered inukshuk along the Ingraham Tail in NWT. Colin Goyman photo.


An incredible shot of the aurora borealis over the boreal forest in Churchill. Eddy Savage photo.

These two photos display both the day and night beauty of Churchill and the north’s natural raw landscape! You can only get the real feel of the Arctic and sub – Arctic by taking a trip and immersing yourself in the natural wonders of the land! Come enjoy the north and the fantastic northern lights soon.

Churchill Weekly Photos – Aurora Nights

Churchill northern lights

One of the incredible Sea Walls murals with northern lights behind. Eddy Savage photo.


Churchill northern lights

Great White Bears touring bus on a Nat Hab mission to see the northern lights. Eddy Savage photo.


Ithaca Churchill Manitoba

The infamous Ithaca shipwreck surrounded by ice and snow in the Hudson Bay. Andre Brandt photo.


Churchill northern lights

Abandoned tour bus imprisoned by the winter freeze and magical northern lights in Churchill. Eddy Savage photo.

These four photos from Eddy Savage and Andre Brandt show the beauty of northern lights even while accompanied by the most mundane things such as vehicles! In the north, everything tends to become part of the landscape since the cost to remove for recycling purposes is too high. We find these images beautiful in their own way. There is a sense of time stoppage in these images that is widespread in a land where time is seemingly more abundant. The allure of northern lights makes everything unique and full of character.

Churchill Aurora Reflections

Aurora season is going strong and the northern lights have been amazing as usual. These shots by Alex De Vries – Magnifico in Churchill capture the incredible scenery juxtaposed with the scintillating aurora borealis overhead! Alex’s Discover Churchill images are the most amazing we have seen over the last few northern lights seasons! We are sure there will be more in the next month or so from the northern lights mecca! Travelers from Natural Habitat Adventures have been awed with the incredible light show above Churchill this season. Enjoy!

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