Churchill Photo of the Week – Aurora Flight

Northwest Territories aurora borealis

On a flight over the southern Northwest Territories. Collin Goyman photo.

Keep your eyes on the northern skies tonight and Friday night, as some fiery Northern Lights will be poised to for a heightened display as a result of solar flare activity sending particles into our atmosphere. For those that are not far enough north, here’s the photo of the week with aurora borealis high in the sky above the southern Northwest Territories.

Churchill Photo of the Week

Snowmachine in Arctic

A Russian built snow vehicle from the 1950’s. A snowmobile prototype. TASS photo.

Russia has been active at exploring and settling the Arctic for many decades. This is one of the earliest vehicles to transport people in the area and  quite the relic. How fun would it be to zip around the snowfields in this little number? These are not too far off from the original polar bear viewing vehicles from Churchill. The huge propeller fan on the back might be a deterrent for polar bears however!

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