Churchill Photo of the Week – Beluga Bite

belugas and zodiac in Churchill

Belugas trying to taste Sea North Tours’ zodiac. Jossum McClean photo.

The beluga whales of the Hudson Bay and particularly the Churchill River estuary are extremely curious marine mammals that love to troll along with the zodiacs. Rarely do they try to take a chomp at the fine Italian rubber that forms the boats but this guy had some craving I guess. Beluga season in Churchill always brings new surprises that you never expect to see….looks like this one has more in store for us all!

Churchill Weekly Photos – Churchill Summer

Beluga in Churchill

Beluga underwater in the Churchill River. Sea North Tours photo.


red fox and ptarmigan

Red fox with ptarmigan dinner in his teeth. Brad Josephs photo.


belugas and polar bear churchill, MAnitoba

A polar bear swims towards beluga whales in the Churchill River. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


beluga whales churchill, Manitiba

Snorkeling with the beluga whales in the Churchill River. Moira la Patourel photo.

Churchill Summer is a unique time of year in the region. Life explodes all around the tundra and waters of the Hudson Bay and the Churchill River! With news that the train line could be under repair during this summer, the mood of the season has taken on another level of optimism. It’s always an amazing time to be in Churchill!

Churchill Weekly Photos – Signs of Summer

There is no better time than summertime in Churchill. The sights around the tundra and out on the Churchill River and Hudson Bay take up days and days of exploring. There’s never enough time to discover all the treasures of the summer season. Here are some images to give a sample of the action that’s starting to take hold in the north. Enjoy!

polar bear swimming Churchill, Manitoba

Close up of a polar bear swimming in the bay around Churchill. Katie de Meulles photo.


Beluga in Churchill

Beluga underwater in the Churchill River. Sea North Tours photo.


Moose Churchill

Moose on the Precambrian rocks in Churchill. Sea North Tours photo.


Churchill wildflowers.

Wildflowers and orchids decorate the tundra in Churchill all summer long. Moira LePatourel photo.


ice floes in the Hudson Bay Churchill

Spring ice floes in the Hudson Bay. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


Churchill polar bears Hudson Bay

Polar bears near the Hudson Bay coast in Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Bill McPherson photo.


Halfway Point beach Churchill

Halfway Point beach near Churchill. Andy Murch photo.


Churchill Photo of the Week

Churchill river break up and sunset

The Churchill River is gorgeous during the spring break – up! Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

There’s nothing more awe-inspiring and beautiful in Churchill than the annual Churchill River ice break – up in the spring. This image by Discover Churchill with the sunset flowing across the ice floes is an amazing shot! Looking forward to all the life springing up across the bountiful tundra and waters of Churchill.

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