Churchill Photos of the Week

northern lights Canada

Incredible northern lights in Norman Wells, NWT. Nicky Lynn photo.


Shaking off the winter cold. Colby Brokvist photo.


polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear wandering along the land fast ice in Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.


polar bear silver fox churchill, Manitoba

Awesome shot of a silver fox and polar bear in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Bill McPherson photo.


polar bear and polar rover

Polar bear under the back deck of a polar rover. Colby Brokvist photo.

Some amazing photos from the tundra in Churchill and sky above the Northwest Territories! The images we are receiving from the north have been just incredible all season long. Some exciting news as well that the ice that has been forming in the Hudson Bay has been blown to the north by some steady south winds. Hopefully, this will keep polar bears on land for the duration of the polar bear season in Churchill!

Churchill Photo of the Week – Cross Fox

What a stellar shot of a cross fox with a lemming in its mouth by Konan Wendt is quite a catch for the photographer and the fox. A plethora of foxes have inhabited the northern tundra this season. A noticeable increase in Arctic and Cross foxes has allowed for some interesting shots like this one that have been absent for a few years.Polar bears have been the main draw here in Churchill though the fox population has rivaled the king of the Arctic this season. Enjoy!

Churchill Polar Bear season Field Notes

Cold temperatures and snow have descended on the Churchill region and the annual talk of an early freeze-up of the Hudson Bay has started. Wildlife, on the other hand, is plentiful and all about the tundra. Polar bears abound as they wait for ice in the bay. Check out these awesome shots from Natural Habitat Adventures guides in Churchill. We are all keeping a keen eye on the weather and hoping for a south wind to blow the ice that has formed already back north. Stay posted for information on the conditions in the Hudson Bay!

Churchill Inukshuk

Beautiful shot of the Churchill Inukshuk. T Whipple photo.


Polar bear churchill

Polar bear peeking out through its napping area in the Churchill willows. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


Cross fox Churchill

A cross fox roaming the frozen tundra in search of lemmings. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


Churchill polar bear

Polar bear cleaning his fur in the fresh snow. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


Red fox Churchill

Red fox on the rocks in Churchill. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


Northern Canada landscape

The incredible northern Canada landscape from above. T Whipple photo.


Polar Bears Abound on Churchill Tundra

With fresh snow on the ground in Churchill, these polar bear images are an indication that winter is creeping into the region. Polar bears are being spotted out in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area as well as along the coast road and near the Mile Five area too. The early snowfall has contributed to more active polar bears along access roads and areas accessible to travelers. We will be posting more frequent field notes and images now that the polar bear season is roaring with bears! In the meantime enjoy these fantastic photos from Churchill!

polar bear family churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear family huddles together near the willows along the coast. Jodi Grosbrink photo.


Polar bear cubs and mom in Churchill

Polar bear mother with her two healthy cubs in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


polar bear churchill

A polar bear looks curiously from a snowbank near mile 5 in Churchill. Jodi Grosbrink photo.


Churchill polar bear

“Oh no, not another photo.” Polar bear in the snow. Jodi Grosbrink photo.


Churchill polar bear near mile 5

Another great close up of a polar bear near mile 5 in Churchill. Jodi Grosbrink photo.


Churchill polar bear.

Resting polar bear out near mile 5 in Churchill. Jodi Grosbrink photo.

Churchill Photos of the Week – After the Storm

Alex De Vries – Magnifico took these awesome wave shots of the Hudson Bay in Churchill after the recent blizzard slammed the region. Winds up to 80 kilometers per hour were stirring up the water with ferocious results. During the heart of the polar bear season, this storm has churned up the Hudson Bay to a mighty froth. I have been on the water with big rollers but nothing close to this action. You can envision how travel on the Hudson Bay for early mariners and explorers was during the early days of ship travel. What an experience with the added stress of ice forming in the fall and being stranded through the Arctic winter.

Hudson Bay waves Churchill

Waves on the Hudson Bay after the storm. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


Hudson Bay waves in Churchill

Hudson Bay turmoil after a winter storm. Alex De Vries -Magnifico photo.


Hudson bay waves in Churchill

The Hudson Bay all stirred up in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


Waves crashing in the Hudson Bay Churchill, Manitoba

Hudson Bay waves crashing along Churchill shore. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


Dueling Foxes in Churchill Snow

This pair of Arctic foxes were caught rumbling around in the willows atop the snow covered tundra by Natural Habitat Adventures guide Colby Brokvist with his group travelers. Churchill endured an early winter blizzard this past week and the land has a nice white blanket for animals to hide in. These foxes are somewhat hard to make out as they playfully spar and spring away from each other. Another unexpected Churchill wildlife treasure we have not seen in a long time. Polar bears are also amassing in good numbers for this time of year and with the snow we should see some sparring action like that of the foxes soon. Enjoy!

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