Aurora Focus Returns to Churchill

After what seems like weeks of blizzard news from Churchill, the main focus of this time of year has returned with some exquisite and intriguing northern lights images from Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton. Drew and his travelers ventured out on the ice pack of Bird Cove just outside of town to the wreck of the MV Ithaca. This favorite pilgrimage destination allows for incredible photos that highlight the waves of aurora borealis over the frozen Hudson Bay. Enjoy these cool pics and look for more northern lights posts and less snow news! Enjoy.

Northern lights Ithaca Churchill

Looking across ice – packed Bird Cove at the shipwreck Ithaca. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca northern lights Churchill

The Ithaca shipwreck with northern lights above. Drew Hamilton photo.


Aurora borealis Ithaca Churchill

Ithaca shipwreck with aurora borealis in the distance. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca shipwreck Bird cove churchill

Northern lights above the mast of the Ithaca shipwreck. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca shipwreck churchill northern lights

Fantastic view of the Ithaca with northern lights above. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca and northern lights churchill, Manitoba

Erie perspective of the Ithaca with the northern lights. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca and northern lights churchill

Nat Hab travelers next to the Ithaca and northern lights. Drew Hamilton photo.

Unique Churchill Northern Lights Photos

Magnificent northern lights have been flooding the sky lately in Churchill and surrounding northern regions. Full panorama views have been the norm as opposed to last years waves of isolated aurora borealis. By all means the aurora last season was by far the most consistent year to date in Churchill. However, this season has produced incredible northern lights with more full sky – filled evenings. With still a few weeks to go we can’t wait to see what comes next! Enjoy!

northern lights in Thompson, Mb

Northern lights in Thompson, Manitoba. Andre Brandt photo.


Northern lights in Churchill

Into the wild under the northern lights in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


churchill northern lights

Churchill cabin under the aurora borealis. Andre Brandt photo.


Churchill aurora borealis

Wapusk Adventures warming tee – pee in Churchill. Andre Brandt photo.


Wekusko falls provincial park

Near Wekusko Falls in Wekusko Falls Provincial Park. Andre Brandt photo.

Why Northern Lights Pics Pop

Quite often when photographing northern lights, the surrounding features matter more in the making of an awesome image.These five shots from Churchill this season all have different facets that accentuate the photo. Typically, the more unique features that bring aurora borealis into the three dimensional world we know, the more enticing the photograph. Northern lights on their own are beautiful though it’s hard to measure up to an image with traditional northern icons. See for yourself which of these sensational northern lights shots catch and hold your eye! Enjoy!

Aurora season in Churchill, Manitoba is coming at the end of January.

Aurora borealis peeking through clouds above Churchill. Colby Brokvist photo.


northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Intense northern lights cascading through a starry sky above Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.


Swirl of northern lights above a fringe of boreal forest in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


aurora borealis above boreal forest churchill

Fantastic aurora swirl above the snow covered boreal forest. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


Northern lights churchill, Manitoba

Tee pee, boreal forest and the magnificent aurora borealis in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Churchill Northern Lights Photos

These three northern lights photos from Great White Bear’s Dorota Walkoski are from this week. Amazing aurora borealis action in the skies above Churchill! After a slower start than last year, this season is starting to hit the sweet spot for northern lights in Churchill. We still have a few weeks left for even more awesome light shows. Stay posted for all the exciting updates from Churchill!

northern lights churchill

Shrouds of northern lights over Churchill. Dorota Walkoski photo.


Aurora borealis churchill

Full sky aurora borealis over inukshuk in Churchill. Dorota Walkoski photo.


Northern lights churchill, Manitoba

Captivating northern lights over the boreal forest in Churchill. Dorota Walkoski photo.

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