Churchill Weekly Photo

Iqualuit winter

One-year-old Caitlin Nunalik enjoying the Iqaluit winter in a fancy parka. Connor Goddard photo.

This is what life in the Arctic is like. A beautiful moment captured in the open air with a magnificent sky that never ends. The landscape is an awesome backdrop for all life that inhabits this wonderfully simplistic environment. This shot of Caitlin Nunalik by Conner Goddard is a gem. Every movement and action has profound meaning up here!

City of Northern Lights

Tromso Norway

Northern lights above the Paris of the north- Tromso, Norway. Vegard Stien photo.

A amazing image of Tromso, Norway often referred to as the “Paris of the North”! The northern lights over Churchill doesn’t make such an impression though they are still quite impressive. The spectacular aurora season begins for Natural Habitat Adventures on January 20th. We look forward to bringing you all the news and lights from the Hudson Bay outpost.

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