Northern Lights Churchill Cabin

Can you believe the texture of these fantastic northern lights shots from Churchill photographer Alex De Vries – Magnifico? Just because aurora borealis season doesn’t technically start until January, that doesn’t mean the lights can’t appear in this dramatic fashion over a rustic cabin in Churchill, Manitoba…as they tend to do. Alex has a knack for finding new and creative settings in and around Churchill where he can capture the essence of this amazing phenomena! We are surely all getting excited about polar bear season which is just around the corner but northern lights season has an allure of its own that is indescribable. Lights can happen year – round in Churchill and the polar regions, however, polar bears can only be seen with assurance in October and November. Luckily polar bears have migrated to the ice by the time travelers arrive for northern lights in January! Both seasons are worth the trip north.

Churchill northern lights Alex De Vries Magnifico

Churchill cabin and northern lights

Aurora Borealis in Churchill, Manitoba

Northern lights cabin in Churchill, Manitoba

Magical Northern Lights Videos

Enjoy these fantastic short northern lights video clips that will remind us all of the season of lights in January and March. The Arctic summer season is almost upon us and soon beluga whales will take over the spotlight. Wildflowers, birds and whales will highlight our postings for the next few months and if the conditions are just right we may see some spectacular late evening northern lights as the summer wanes. Looking forward to an exciting summer beluga whale season with all types of treasures uncovered on the Hudson Bay water and the Churchill tundra.

Two Exquisite Northern Lights Photos

noerthern lights above Athabasca Glacier

Northern Lights above the Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rockies. Paul Zizka photo.


Aurora Borealis in Banff National Park, Alberta

“Eruption” of aurora borealis in Banff National Park, Alberta. Paul Zizka photo.

These two images highlight the creativity and photography talent of Paul Zizka. His northern lights photos, especially, evoke a solitude and ethereal feeling unlike any other photographer’s work we have seen recently. His usage of foreground features accentuate the tantalizing glow of aurora borealis. These western Canada northern lights shots capture the allure of the wild and untamed Canadian Rockies! Enjoy!

Churchill Photo of the Week – Aurora Flight

Northwest Territories aurora borealis

On a flight over the southern Northwest Territories. Collin Goyman photo.

Keep your eyes on the northern skies tonight and Friday night, as some fiery Northern Lights will be poised to for a heightened display as a result of solar flare activity sending particles into our atmosphere. For those that are not far enough north, here’s the photo of the week with aurora borealis high in the sky above the southern Northwest Territories.

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