Northern Lights Time-lapse – Churchill

This time-lapse is from Natural Habitat Adventures guide Brad Josephs from this northern lights season in Churchill! Here is his synopsis of the clip and you can also peruse his blog site; Bears & Beyond to read about all Brad’s excursions in the wild.

“I finished my season guiding aurora borealis expeditions for Natural Habitat Adventures a few weeks ago. The weather was thrillingly brutal, with one of the longest cold snaps in recent history, with wind chills as low as -61 Fahrenheit! I did get good aurora shows on all three of my trips. The following is a time-lapse sequence from one of the best nights of the season.”

“I will admit that this isn’t a great quality time-lapse. I manually took continuous images during a few of the more active periods of the night. I should have kept the camera in the same place the entire night to achieve a smoother, more complete sequence. To create this I simply bulk processed a few series of images in lightroom, and imported the JPEGS into iMovie, saved the file as a 9-minute clip, then started a new project, imported the clip, compressed the time, and saved it as a new video.”

Igloo Building in Churchill

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Brad Josephs and his group of avid and hearty travelers in Churchill for northern lights had time to learn the art of igloo building in frigid minus 50 C Arctic temperatures. Despite the piercing cold, everyone enjoyed the experience and immersed themselves in an authentic Arctic situation and survivalist technique utilized by hunters and travelers out on the tundra and ice of the far north. This system has saved lives every year in the extreme weather of the Arctic. Hopefully, we will bring you some tantalizing northern lights from this adventure in the next couple of days. Churchill’s aurora borealis season is heating up even during this incredibly cold stretch!

Churchill Field Notes and Photos – Aurora Season

The first groups of travelers have been experiencing dramatic cold and sensational northern lights in Churchill these last couple of weeks. Here are some pictorial field notes from the far north and northern lights season guru Brad Josephs. So much of what Nat Hab’s aurora borealis trips encompass is more than seeing the northern lights. The amazing train trip north and stops at Pisew Falls and Thompson leading to the journey through boreal forest and taiga coming to rest in Churchill. Dog-sledding, igloo building, curling and various other cultural experiences make this an unforgettable adventure. Northern lights above the vast frozen Hudson Bay is more often than not the proverbial “icing on the cake”! Enjoy

Nat Hab group in Churchill

Natural Habitat Adventures group with guide Brad Josephs. Brad Josephs photo.


dog sledding in Churchill

Dog – sledding in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.


boreal forest in Churchill

Moonscape above the boreal forest before the aurora appeared in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.


aurora borealis in Churchill, Wapusk Adventures

Northern lights above Wapusk Adventures tee – pee and boreal forest. Brad Josephs photo.


Natural Habitat Aurora Pod Churchill

Northern lights action at the Natural Habitat Aurora Pod. Brad Josephs photo.

Natural Habitat travelers in Churchill.

Natural Habitat Adventures travelers beneath the northern lights in Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

Inches from a Massive Polar Bear Video

A Natural Habitat Adventures group of travelers lead by seasoned guide Brad Josephs had this phenomenal experience of a large male polar bear checking out the groups polar rover out in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Being inches from the Arctic’s king of the food chain is quite the thrilling and life changing moment. Polar bears are naturally inquisitive and are attracted to many different smells. This time of year as they wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze – up so they can replenish their body fat by hunting seals, nearly everything smells appetizing. Good thing those rovers are built high off the tundra! Polar bear season in Churchill is constantly surprising us all.


Churchill Sunday Photos – Diverse Wildlife

These amazing photographs by Natural Habitat Adventures guide Brad Josephs in Churchill are diverse in content and exhibit the awesome range of wildlife viewing travelers have been seeing on the tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. With more than a week to go in this phenomenal polar bear season there’s still much more action to see from Churchill!

polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear observing the polar rover. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar bear in kelp bed Churchill

Relaxing polar bear in a kelp bed. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar bear and Arctic fox

Polar bear awakens to an Arctic fox prowling nearby. Brad Josephs photo.

Ravens and snowy owl

Two ravens harass a snowy owl on the tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

snowy owl and ravens

Snowy owl strikes back at the ravens. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bears and polar rover churchill

Polar bears explore a polar rover out in the CWMA. Brad Josephs photo.

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