Aurora Focus Returns to Churchill

After what seems like weeks of blizzard news from Churchill, the main focus of this time of year has returned with some exquisite and intriguing northern lights images from Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton. Drew and his travelers ventured out on the ice pack of Bird Cove just outside of town to the wreck of the MV Ithaca. This favorite pilgrimage destination allows for incredible photos that highlight the waves of aurora borealis over the frozen Hudson Bay. Enjoy these cool pics and look for more northern lights posts and less snow news! Enjoy.

Northern lights Ithaca Churchill

Looking across ice – packed Bird Cove at the shipwreck Ithaca. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca northern lights Churchill

The Ithaca shipwreck with northern lights above. Drew Hamilton photo.


Aurora borealis Ithaca Churchill

Ithaca shipwreck with aurora borealis in the distance. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca shipwreck Bird cove churchill

Northern lights above the mast of the Ithaca shipwreck. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca shipwreck churchill northern lights

Fantastic view of the Ithaca with northern lights above. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca and northern lights churchill, Manitoba

Erie perspective of the Ithaca with the northern lights. Drew Hamilton photo.


Ithaca and northern lights churchill

Nat Hab travelers next to the Ithaca and northern lights. Drew Hamilton photo.

Churchill Northern Lights Season Blazing

The highly anticipated northern lights season in Churchill is underway and off to a roaring start. Last night Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton and his group of travelers spent the evening out at Wapusk Adventures sled -dog yard with owner and musher Dave Daley. The area is set up nicely for an evening of aurora watching and photography.

Dave is an excellent educator on the history and care of the northern husky sled dogs. An evening with him conveying this and his love for his 40 plus dogs melded with the spectacular aurora borealis above is “enlightening”.to say the least.

These beautiful northern lights shots by Drew are just the start to what will hopefully eclipse the incredible season we had last year. Enjoy!

Wapusk Adventures Chrchill northern lights

Tee pee and northern lights at Wapusk Adventures. Drew Hamilton photo.

northern lights wapusk adventures churchill

Northern lights over the boreal forest at Wapusk Adventures in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.

Wapusk Adventures northern lights in Churchill

Aurora borealis shining brightly over the Wapusk Adventures dog yard. Drew Hamilton photo.

drew hamilton northern lights churchill, manitoba

Waves of northern lights paint the sky above Wapusk and the snowy boreal forest in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.

aurora borealis and Wapusk tee pee in Churchill

Profile of tee pee with the aurora shining brightly above the boreal forest. Drew Hamilton photo.


Polar Season Grande Finale

Polar bear season in Churchill is all but over and the landscape is becoming scarce of magnificent polar bears. Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton took these image this past week during some amazing experiences with a group of travelers from all across the world. Churchill brings people together to share what is great about our natural environment. These are just a few of the memories thees lucky adventurers will cherish forever!

drew-hamilton polar bears Churchill

Polar bears spar on the icy tundra, Drew Hamilton photo.


Gyrfalcon surveying the tundra from a rocky perch. Drew Hamilton photo.


The watchful eye of a polar bear. Drew Hamilton photo.


Posturing and pre-sparring polar bears. Drew Hamilton photo.

Polar bears in churchill

Sow and cub polar bear in Churchill. Drew Hamilton photo.


Churchill Polar Bear Pic

Great shot from snow – covered Churchill. Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton took this one of a resting polar bear on the tundra. Polar bears in Churchill are looking pretty healthy so far this season and the early snow has them feeling good in their habitat. It definitely feels like the stage is being set for one of the most magical polar bear seasons ever!

polar bear churchill

Gorgeous polar bear resting on the snow – covered tundra. Drew Hamilton photo.

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