Churchill Weekly Photo – Wild North

Some iconic images from the north look like they could be from past centuries. Not much in the landscape or the clothing has changed. The timelessness of the Arctic culture and setting will endure for a long time to come. With all the recent changes in Churchill, the land and the aura of the frontier town remain timeless.We hope the wildlife and especially the dynamic Hudson Bay polar bear population.

Polar Bear Season Retrospective

Polar bear season 2018 is in the history books following quite the incredible season. Aside from the late freezing of the Hudson Bay, the Arctic wildlife was tremendously abundant throughout the six week season in Churchill and the surrounding region. Snow came early and polar bears roamed the frozen tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. These magnificent images by Natural Habitat Adventures amazing  guide Drew Hamilton are some of the best of the season. Enjoy!

Churchill Sunday Photo – Snow Bear

Churchill polar bear.

Polar bear on the snow – covered rocks in Churchill. Drew h Hamilton photo.

A classic Churchill polar bear image captured by Drew Hamilton. This polar bear season in Churchill has been spectacular and getting better by the day. Hopes are still high that a train will pull into Churchill station before the polar bear season finishes up for the year. The polar bear capital of the world is rebounding with positive vibes and incredible polar bear action these days!

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