Sea North Tours – Beluga Whale Watch

Sea North Tours operates fantastic beluga whale watching trips on the Churchill River and Hudson Bay for groups like Natural Habitat Adventures. Their small group format allows travelers to get up close and personal with the belugas and other wildlife. The Sea North 2 carries 30 or so passengers and gives photographers a different vantage point from above the water while the Italian – made zodiacs can approach the whales within touching distance. Belugas enjoy following the slipstream from the zodiac’s outboard motor and sometimes three or four at a time troll behind in the bubbly wake. Every day on the water in Churchill is a different experience. Stay tuned for more unique wildlife photos from Sea North Tours!

Beluga in Churchill

Beluga underwater in the Churchill River. Sea North Tours photo.


Beluga whales in Churchill

Beluga whales at the bow in Churchill on the water. Sea North Tours photo.


Belugas on the Hudson Bay

The Sea North 2 watching a pod of beluga whales on the Hudson Bay. Sea North Tours photo.



Sea North Tours zodiac trip

Sea North Tours zodiac on the Churchill River by the Port of Churchill. Sea North Tours photo.

Churchill photo of the Week – Moose

This fantastic photograph of two moose near Caution Creek in Manitoba taken by Rhonda Reid, shows the diversity of wildlife in the Churchill region. We love seeing these snapshots from the more remote areas away from Churchill. With no roads in or out of Churchill and the surrounding tundra, the land is wide open for wildlife to roam as they wish… truly a “wild” frontier.

moose churchill manitoba

Moose in the back country outside of Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.

Polar Bear Season Images – Churchill

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Eric Rock submitted these fantastic Churchill photos from last weeks sensational polar bear expedition in Churchill. Travelers on the trip had amazing photo opportunities with various landscape and wildlife features. These pics by Eric capture the feel of the trip and point to an increase in polar bear activity as the season moves along. Fresh snow is falling today in Churchill as you view this post. Polar bears will start moving at an increased rate with the new look of the tundra. Should be some exciting images and notes from the field in the next week. Enjoy!







Polar Bear Photo of the Week

During this year’s exciting polar bear season we will be posting a special photo or two or even more each week that catches the feel of that particular time during the season. Each week takes on a distinct setting with wildlife, particularly polar bears and the weather as it influences the landscape and the town of Churchill. This week, a shot from Churchill local resident and photographer friend Rhonda Reid portrays the look of early polar bear season in the region. Not a lot of snow cover as polar bears seem surprised  us when they emerge from the willows or grace the tundra with their majestic presence. Enjoy and keep coming back for more!


polar bear Churchill

Polar bear sow and cub wander the coastal tundra. Rhonda Reid photo.

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bears

A short mixed video of various spectacular wildlife sightings in Churchill during polar bear season in October and November. Some awesome footage of from a traveler to the region who was lucky to see just about every polar bear behavior and other wildlife as well. With polar bear season creeping up on us and bears already in the area, this footage should get travelers excited to venture to thew polar bear capital of the world. Enjoy!


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