Exciting Day on the Tundra in Churchill

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Elise and her group of travelers had a “great day out on the tundra” as the fierce winds of the past few days subsided. Polar bears came out to play around the Tundra Lodge, sparring all around the area and then resting at the peninsula to the north.
Later on Polar bears were leaning on their rover drivers door, peering up under the grate and circling the vehicle multiple times. Exciting action all around the land.
Hopefully this bear activity is a good omen for the rest of the season in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. A rough – legged hawk hovering overhead, leading the group back to launch was a awesome way to finish up a day on the northern tundra.
polar bears Churchill

Polar bears sparring near the Tundra Lodge. Elise Lockton photo.

polar bear churchill

Polar bear near the polar rover. Elise Lockton photo.

Polar bear churchill

Polar bear approaching the polar rover. Elise Lockton photo.

Churchill “Quadfecta” ..Northern Style

Inaugural Natural Habitat groups in Churchill experienced a rare phenomena this past week. With polar bears being the main attraction in Churchill in October, other wildlife and natural wonders are a bonus. This early season has brought magnificent sights beyond the normal for many travelers.

Natural Habitat Guide Colby and travelers enjoyed incredible happenings to start the season. “We deemed it the “quadfecta”, almost unheard of, consisting of the very best aurora show I’ve ever seen, close-up bear encounters, a polar bear lift, and even Beluga whales still lingering in the Churchill River estuary.” stated Colby. Three of those occurrences are rarities for sure.

Additionally, numerous snowy owls, arctic hare, incredible dog sledding, and intriguing cultural programs in Churchill made this a trip to remember. “Certainly one of the best early season trips I’ve ever had,” added Colby. With the weather being changeable right now, polar bear action varies greatly from day to day. Plenty of  patience paid off time and time again. More exciting action to come!

Polar bear Churchill

Polar bear emerging from the willows. Colby Brokvist photo.

Churchill Snowy Owl

Snowy owl on the rocks in Churchill. Colby Brokvist photo.

Arctic Hare in Churchill

Arctic Hare in the rocks. Colby Brokvist photo.

Northern lights at Tundra Lodge.

Northern lights at the Tundra lodge. Drew Hamilton photo.

Beluga whales Drew Hamilton

Natural Habitat group spying beluga whales in the Churchill River. Drew Hamilton photo.

Churchill Polar Bear Season Begins

A few polar bear photos by Jody Grosbrink in Churchill! Polar bear season is off to an incredible start with plenty of polar bears, northern lights and even some lingering beluga whales in the Churchill River and Hudson Bay! More reports will follow daily from the polar bear capital of the world!

polar bear churchill

Polar bear on the tundra at mile 5. Jody Grosbrink photo.

polar bear Ithaca churchill

Polar bear with Ithaca in the background. Jody Grosbrink photo.

polar bear churchill

Polar bear at mile 5 in Churchill. Jody Grosbrink photo.

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bears

As polar bear season begins, this video shows various ways Manitoba Conservation officers handle polar bears coming within or near the perimeters of town. There are no breaks in the busy schedule in October and November during polar bear season. protecting the residents and visitors in Churchill is the primary goal of officers on duty round the clock. This is the polar bear’s environment and all resources are utilized to keep people and bears safe from deadly interactions on the land.

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