A “Typical” Churchill Summer Day

kayakers, belugas and sea north tours

Kayakers surrounded by beluga whales in the Hudson Bay. Sea North Tours photo.

Summer in Churchill usually involves wearing a fleece jacket, long pants, hat and sometimes gloves. It also can be the “hotspot” of Manitoba with temperatures pushing 90F. These fluctuations make Churchill …well..Churchill. As a guide, I always enjoyed the cooler temperatures in the summer far away from the hot sun of Colorado. The fresh salt air from the Hudson Bay invigorates the soul. Out on the water interacting with beluga whales and seabirds hovering above and feeding off the capelin at the surface, refreshes anyone searching for nature’s freedom.The theme here is that everything is unpredictable and new adventures are around every corner in Churchill!

Arctic tern with capelin

Arctic tern with a capelin in mouth. David Hemmings photo.

Yes, the thousands of beluga whales are the marquee attraction in summertime in Churchill. However, the tundra’s micro ecosystems of plants and lichen as well as the various birds that migrate to the area for the short season are all part of the magical experience. And, we surely know there’s always a chance to see a polar bear or two in the “off- season”!

polar bear churchill, Manitoba

A polar bear rolling in fireweed. A summer treasure in Churchill. Dennis Fast photo.

The best part of an  Churchill Arctic summer adventure is that it changes from day to day in the northern frontier town on the Hudson Bay. Guiding ten years in Churchill allowed me to see almost everything, yet I feel as if I only scratched the surface of the tundra when it comes to deciphering the mystery of the region. The land is constantly changing, literally, with isostatic rebound of the Precambrian shield. Walking across this ancient land stirs so many emotions deep within the soul. The quietness leads one to thoughts of how we used to live and how we still can live in some remote places like Churchill. Solitude is rare these days.

Precambrian shield in Churchill.

The colors of the tundra as summer wanes. Ed Bouvier photo.

cumulus cloud Churchill Hudson Bay

Incredible cumulus cloud over the Hudson Bay in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Beluga whales in Churchill river

Beluga whales in the Churchill river. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Churchill Photo of the Week – The Moment of Life

This incredible photo by Roie Galitz captures a rare scene ever to be observed by humans. Persistent Polar bears spend endless hours stalking and hunting seals out on the Hudson Bay pack ice.This is one of those very special moments for a wildlife photographer and could very well be the photo of the year. Enjoy!

polar bear hunting seals

A mother polar bear captures a seal for sustenance and gives her a cub a valuable teaching moment Roie Galitz photo.

Summertime in Churchill Brings Belugas

As the Churchill Arctic summer nears we will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of thousands of beluga whales, some with their calves, from the north. I can’t wait to see images from the season and all the other Arctic treasures around the tundra. Stay tuned for the fantastic experiences reported here throughout the summer.

Beluga whale churchill,Manitoba

Beluga whales will soon be all around the Churchill River estuary as summer nears! Alex De Vries Magnifico photo.

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