Video – Orcas Hunting Seals in Antarctica

This thrilling footage of orca whales coordinating a seal hunt in Antarctica exhibits the collaboration these animals rely on to maximize their potential to capture prey in the harsh conditions of Antarctica. Orcas have been spotted more regularly in the Arctic waters this past decade and are increasingly hunting those waters with more ice – free days. The Hudson Bay waters around Churchill have been frequented by orcas within the last few years. It will be interesting to see how these animals interact with polar bears as they compete for prey during the ice free or even semi ice – free seasons.


Live Video – Caribou at Cape Churchill

Caribou grazing on the tidal lowlands out at Cape Churchill seem content and calm. Arctic summer is the greatest time of year in Churchill in my opinion as various wildlife moves into the region and everywhere you look there’s some kind of action. Polar bear season has the big draw here though the bountiful Churchill Arctic summer is by far the most exhilarating time for seeing the abundance of northern life forms. From tundra, to hundreds of migratory birds, to the Hudson Bay, incredible experiences are there for any nature enthusiast! Journey to Churchill this summer!


Signs of Spring in Churchill

Here are some more images of spring in Churchill by Rhonda Reid. Typically a fairly relaxed time of year in the frontier town, we have been blessed with a constant flow of amazing bird photos and natural beauty that begins to emerge from the tundra. Keep posted for more images and news from the oncoming exciting Churchill Arctic summer!

rough legged hawk in Churchill, Manitoba

Rough legged hawk dries its’ wings atop a telephone pole. Rhonda Reid photo.

grass of parnassus churchill, Manitoba

Grass of Parnassus in Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.

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