Natural Habitat Wildlife Photography Contest

Natural Habitat Adventures has announced its’ “2016 Wildlife Photography Contest”. Any legal resident of the United States of America or District of Columbia as well as Canada (excluding province of Quebec) is eligible to enter. So come on all you aspiring Wildlife photo buffs get your best shots together and enter!

Polar bar family churchill, Manitoba

Mother polar bear and her two coy roam the frozen tundra. Thon Huijser photo.

Submissions will be accepted May 2, 2016 – June 14, 2016. Voting and judging will take place June 15, 2016 – July 31, 2016.

This should be a widely popular contest with Grand prize winners eligible for a Polar bear adventure in Classic Polar Bear Adventure in Churchill, Manitoba and a Hidden Yellowstone Photo Safari in Jackson, Wyoming. B&H photo gift certificates  and a Visa gift card will also be given as prizes. Total prize pool will total $16,000 US.

For complete rules and regulations for the contest check this link:

Churchill Sunday Photos

These photos from Churchill photographer Rhonda Reid are from this past week. The prodigious Churchill wildlife is increasing as the region starts to come out of winters freeze. Even though snow fell a few days ago it won’t be long before life in all forms blooms and reveals itself around the tundra. Looking forward to more images as wildlife arrives all around the region.

Rough legged hawk churchill, Manitoba

Rough legged hawk atop a spruce tree . Rhonda Reid photo.

Mallard ducks in Churchill

Mallard duck pair in Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.

Caribou crossing Churchill river

Caribou crossing the Churchill River. Rhonda Reid photo.

Mallards in the water. Rhonda Reid photo.

Mallards in the water. Rhonda Reid photo.

Churchill Video of the Week – Belugas

Wonderful images of the thousands of active beluga whales that migrate south to the Churchill River and surrounding estuaries. This amazing time of year in the north is unmatched for all around natural beauty. From the magnificent belugas to the throngs of migratory birds, tundra wildflowers, awesome polar bears and other northern wildlife species and even the possibility of viewing the iconic northern lights later in the season, Churchill has it all in the Arctic summertime!


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