Dueling Foxes in Churchill Snow

This pair of Arctic foxes were caught rumbling around in the willows atop the snow covered tundra by Natural Habitat Adventures guide Colby Brokvist with his group travelers. Churchill endured an early winter blizzard this past week and the land has a nice white blanket for animals to hide in. These foxes are somewhat hard to make out as they playfully spar and spring away from each other. Another unexpected Churchill wildlife treasure we have not seen in a long time. Polar bears are also amassing in good numbers for this time of year and with the snow we should see some sparring action like that of the foxes soon. Enjoy!

Train Leaving Churchill..by Sea

Via rail train in Churchill

A temporary track is laid to get the Via rail train up next to the cargo ship. Alan Spence photo.


Via rail train at the Churchill Port. Alan Spence photo.


Via rail train at the dock.

Getting ready to load the train engine. Alan Spence photo.


Via rail train engine at the port of Churchill.

Train engine being hoisted onto the cargo ship at the Churchill Port. Katie de Meulles photo.

A temporary rail track was laid leading up to the Port of Churchill in order to move the stranded VIA Rail train onto a cargo ship early today. The train will be returned south so that VIA can utilize it on its mainline routes. With talk of repairing the Hudson Bay Line seemingly stalled, for the time being, the train was costing the company money as it sat unused. We have hopes of seeing this one back in Churchill very soon!

Churchill Sunday Photo – Polar Bear Rover

Polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear checking out a polar rover in Churchill. Dorota Walkoski photo.

Polar bear season is underway and the photos and stories from the field in Churchill will start coming in day to day. Polar bears are already gathering around Natural Habitat Adventures’ Tundra Lodge out in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and the action will only get more exciting as the season goes on. Stay tuned for our regular northern updates from Churchill!

Tis the Season for Polar Bears

Check out these fantastic polar bear images from past Churchill seasons. We are excited to have the polar bear season starting up in the north Churchill region. Stay posted for all the news and photos from the tundra!

polar bear cubs nursing churchill, Manitoba

Nursing polar bear cubs. Jeff Klofft photo.


Polar bear in Churchill

Sleeping polar bear on a sunny day in Churchill. Katie deMeulles photo.


polar bear family churchill

Polar bear family walking the tundra in Churchill. Katie de Meulles photo.


Churchill polar bears.

Polar bears sparring on the snowy Churchill tundra. Drew Hamilton photo.


Polar bear on the Churchill Precambrian rocks

Summer polar bear fighting off the horse flies while resting on the Precambrian shield. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.


Arctic Landscapes – Coral Harbour

This incredible vast landscape shot near Coral Harbour by Wanda Nakoolak gives a feel of endless space in the Arctic. The Kirchoffer bridge allows access to Kirchoffer Falls which is located about 15 miles from Coral Harbour from the airport road. The falls themselves are 25 feet high and surrounded by a rugged, rocky landscape.

The bridge, which spans the Kirchoffer River, was constructed to allow hunters to cross over especially during the caribou harvest every year. Nesting sites for gyrfalcons and peregrine falcons on the cliffs near the majestic Kirchoffer River provide birders and wildlife enthusiasts.

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