Churchill Weekly Video – Arctic Lords

Check out this video of the immersion experience of the Lords of the Arctic Learning Vacation at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre. A key location for Arctic research and education the recently renovated CNSC is a gem in the Churchill region! Next time you visit Churchill take a ride out to the CSNC and tour the facility…an amazing place!

Polar Bears of Churchill

polar bear in the snow Churchill, Manitoba

Stretching polar bear in the snow of Churchill. Dennis Minty photo.


polar bear in Churchill testing ice.

Polar bear testing the ice off the coast of Churchill. Colby Brokvist photo.


churchill polar bear

Looking ahead to the new year of 2018. Drew Hamilton photo.


polar bear napping in Churchill

A sleepy polar bear waking up from an afternoon nap Alex De Vries-Magnifico photo.


polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear resting in the willows in Churchill. Katie de Meulles photo.

Polar bear season is six months away but we can’t help ourselves with these awesome images of the King of the North. Churchill gets its share of polar bears in the summer months but the real influx and buzz comes in October and November. If you have not made it to Churchill yet to see these incredible beauties, find a way to make it there. We will bring you all the exciting news and images from next polar bear season when it arrives. In the meanwhile stay informed on Churchill summer season which will begin in late June and run through mid – August. There should be all kinds of surprises heading your way!

Hudson Bay Quest Wrap – The Winner Is


Canadian Rangers and Hudson Bay Quest

Canadian Rangers are a big reason for the success of the Hudson Bay Quest. Vivid Arctic Photography photo.

Martin Massicotte winner HBQ

Traditional raising the sled of the HBQ winner. Martin Massicotte, this year’s winner, broke the HBQ record! Vivid Arctic Photography photo.

Martin Massicotte Hudson Bay Quest winner

Martin Massicotte accepts the first place award for the 2019 Hudson Bay Quest. Vivid Arctic Photography.

Canadian Rangers at Hudson Bay Quest banquet

Canadian Ranger volunteers congratulated for a job well done. Vivid Arctic Photography photo.

The 2019 Hudson Bay Quest results are official. What an amazing return to glory for one of the most thrilling dog sled races in North America! Churchill had an amazing energy upon the arrival of the teams into the frontier town on the Hudson Bay. Here are the closing remarks from the HBQ officials this past week:

“Well, that’s a wrap! The last musher “Ed the sled” came across the finish line at 2.49am yesterday morning taking home the red lantern. Last night we celebrated another successful Hudson Bay Quest with a banquet in Churchill. Thank you to all of the mushers, organizers, veterinarians, volunteers and sponsors that made it all happen. Congratulations to Martin Massicotte who not only came first but broke the record for the fastest HBQ finish by over 3 hours! Also, a huge congratulations and thank you to all of the mushers that came to race this year. It was awesome meeting you all and I had a great time taking photos of you and your amazing dogs.”

Here are the 2019 Hudson Bay Quest results!

-1st Martin Massicotte (HBQ Record breaker)
-2nd Denis Tremblay
-3rd Blake Freking
-4th Peter McClelland
-5th Jacob Leingang (Winner of the Vet Choice Award for best cared for dog team)
-6th Shawn McCarty
-7th David Paul Daley (Winner of the Sportsmanship Award)
-8th Kevin Malikowski
-9th Ed Obrecht (Took home the Red Lantern)

Hudson Bay Quest finish line

Hudson Bay Quest finish line in Churchill. Vivid Arctic Photography photo.

We cannot wait for the 2020 HBQ…it should be even bigger and better than this one!


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