Churchill Video of the Week – Belugas

Beluga whales have descended upon the Churchill region and the seasonal pull of the warmer water and shallow estuaries of freshwater rivers are driving the migration once again. Having spent over 10 seasons guiding in Churchill, I know the feeling of returning to the region and sharing the waters with thousands of these magical creatures. This is truly one of the most magical experiences on Earth!

Churchill Photo of the Week – Belugas

Beluga Whales in Churchill

Beluga whales in the Churchill River . Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

There’s nothing quite like being out on the Churchill River or Hudson Bay with the beluga whales on a cool, calm and sunny afternoon. The harmony with the water, sky and whales is transcendent. Having spent 10 seasons guiding travelers in Churchill interacting with the belugas, I can tell you without a doubt there are few places that bond humans with nature. Enjoy!

Belugas in the Hudson Bay

These are some of the coolest photos we have seen from the Churchill River of the beluga whales. Andy Murch from Bigfish Expeditions took these on a recent visit to Churchill. He has refined his ability to capture these animals in their natural habitat with incredible clarity. Beluga season has been revealing incredible treasures and these “canaries of the sea” are the focus of an incredible northern experience on the Hudson Bay. Enjoy!

Belugas Back in Churchill Waters

Thousands of beluga whales are gradually appearing in the Hudson Bay and Churchill River around the Churchill area. After leaving late last fall, early October, these magnificent milky colored whales are resurfacing for another fantastic Churchill Arctic summer season. We can’t wait to bring you all the photos and news from the water as the whales congregate, tend to young  and feed on capelin in the cold water. There will surely be surprises each week as we follow Natural Habitat groups of travelers on their northern adventures!

beluga whale in Churchill River

Beluga whale underwater in the Churchill River last season. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Churchill Video of the Week – Belugas

Wonderful images of the thousands of active beluga whales that migrate south to the Churchill River and surrounding estuaries. This amazing time of year in the north is unmatched for all around natural beauty. From the magnificent belugas to the throngs of migratory birds, tundra wildflowers, awesome polar bears and other northern wildlife species and even the possibility of viewing the iconic northern lights later in the season, Churchill has it all in the Arctic summertime!


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