Churchill Photo of the Week – Beluga Bite

belugas and zodiac in Churchill

Belugas trying to taste Sea North Tours’ zodiac. Jossum McClean photo.

The beluga whales of the Hudson Bay and particularly the Churchill River estuary are extremely curious marine mammals that love to troll along with the zodiacs. Rarely do they try to take a chomp at the fine Italian rubber that forms the boats but this guy had some craving I guess. Beluga season in Churchill always brings new surprises that you never expect to see….looks like this one has more in store for us all!

Churchill Sunday Photo – Beluga Breach

During my decade – long tenure of guiding Churchill Arctic summer trips for Natural Habitat Adventures I didn’t see more than a dozen beluga whale faces out of the water. This unique shot was a lucky day out on the water when the whale gods were smiling down and I had my camera ready at just the right moment. It’s the closest I ever came to seeing a breach which rarely ever occurs in the beluga population. The moment is preserved for me to remember what love I have for the gregarious beluga whales of Churchill. I hope to get back soon to see the thousands of whales in the Churchill River estuary!

Beluga whale in Churchill , Manitoba

A beluga whale emerges from the water as it follows our zodiac. Steve Selden photo.

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