Looking back at the polar bear season

Another successful season in Churchill is in the history books with travelers safely back home from their amazing adventures and polar bears out on the solid Hudson Bay pack ice hunting seals. Another early freeze-up ended with enough bears to thrill even the last group of avid photographers on a Natural Habitat photography trip. A second wave of bears and a good south wind to keep the ice off shore enabled the season to continue right to the end. Here are some amazing photos from the season….more will be posted through the new year. Also keep an eye out for our new format to the website coming soon. Enjoy!

Peter doing the drum dance in Churchill,MB

Peter thrills the group with his drum dance. Colby Brokvist photo.


Polar bear near the season's end.

Polar bear romping in the snow near Churchill. Eric Rock photo


Polar bear up close in Churchill,MB.

Polar bear up close in November. Colby Brokvist photo.


Red fox on the precambrian sheild near Churchill,MB.

A red fox climbs on the precambrian sheild near Churchill. Rick Pepin photo.


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Aurora from the tundra lodge. Brad Josephs photo.



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