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Arctic Northern Photo – Kayak Cloud Dreams

This amazing shot by Sandra Zolondek of kayaking on Prosperous Lake in Yellowknife shows the incredible beauty of the wide open sky and pristine lake. If this was Churchill, there would be thousands of curious beluga whales circling the boat.... read more

Snowy Owl Sighting in Churchill

  This early season shot of a snowy owl in Churchill by local photographer and birder Rhonda Reid bodes well for the possibility of high numbers this polar bear season starting in October. Keep checking back for updates and awesome images like this one from the... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bear Hostages

      Russian scientists were held captive on a small island off eastern Russia after they exhausted all their non – lethal flares and air horns. The group of five researchers had to endure two weeks of captivity in their compound on Troynoy Island... read more
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Franklin’s HMS Terror Found

Just over a week ago the second piece of the 1845 ill – fated Franklin expedition was found in Terror Bay, Nunavut on the southern shore of King William Island. The illusive second grande puzzle piece of the expedition mystery was found in about 70 feet of... read more

Polar Bears Active Early in Churchill

Thought this might be of interest to travelers heading to Churchill this year to see the king of the Arctic! There are plenty of bears waiting to greet you and be photographed. Should be an amazing polar bear season in Churchill!... read more

Omnitrax Quiet on Churchill Port Closure

With all the talk surrounding the news of Omnitrax closing the Port of Churchill prior to the heart of the 2016 grain season, thus displacing nearly 200 jobs from Churchill to The Pas, nothing has come from the mouths of the company’s spokespeople. Two weeks... read more
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Who Controls the Northwest Passage

In April China encouraged shippers in country to use the Northwest Passage for trade routes around the world. The problem is there is dispute over the newly, somewhat accessible, Arctic route as to whether it’s an international waterway or under Canadian... read more

Arctic Circle Observatory Has Early Snowmelt

Barrow Observatory, an Arctic Circle research station run by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is normally a very cold place with snow lasting well into the summer months. This year is different according to researchers as snow has begun to melt a... read more

Dramatic Ice Loss Forcing Polar Bears to Swim Farther

Canadian Arctic polar bears are swimming longer distances to find suitable ice in which to hunt seals and rear their young. Scientists are deeply concerned that such swims of several days duration, particularly in the Beaufort Sea, are the cause of population decline... read more
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Churchill Marine Observatory a Reality

The Province of Manitoba provided the final piece of the funding puzzle this week with a $9 million dollar pledge toward the projected $32 million Marine Observatory in Churchill. The main focus of the research carried out at the center will be on oil spills in the... read more

Field Notes -Churchill Arctic Summer

Natural Habitat Adventure’s Churchill Arctic summer trips are winding down and guide Moira LaPatourel submitted these images from the last trip. Looks like a group of happy travelers experienced all kinds of northern fun in Churchill! While polar bear activity... read more

Churchill Beluga Whale Video

Tiffany Spence in Churchill took this spectacular underwater beluga whale video and the crystal clear water gives us a perfect view of the milky white mammals. This is the time to get in the water with these beautiful animals and see what it feels like to be an Arctic... read more
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