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Unbelievable Rainbow Image from Nunavut

Words cannot do justice to this simply magnificent rainbow shot from Braydon Peterson in Kugluktuk, Nunavut! The image was taken at 1:00 so you can see how the daylight is being stretched here at the start of summer. Enjoy the view! read more

Video – The Great Polar Bear Feast

  Early September, high up on the Arctic’s North Slope, there is a feast truly hard to imagine! Around 80 polar bears gather each year along the rocky, frozen shores of Barter Island, just off the village of Kaktovik, where hunter-harvested bowhead whale... read more

Elegy for the Arctic – Glacial Music Video

  Acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi performed “Elegy for the Arctic” near the Wahlenbergbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway to bring attention to the pressing global warming issue. Einaudi played on a baby grand piano on a floating platform as a... read more
Churchill News

Churchill Via Rail Service Will Continue

A potential strike between Via Rail and its union Unifor was averted late Sunday thus allowing service across the country and specifically Churchill to continue this summer. Unifor represents about 1,800 of Via’s 2,500 employees, was threatening a strike Monday at... read more

Ross’s Gull sighted in Churchill After five Years

The most elusive Arctic bird for bird watchers in Churchill has returned to the region. Well, at least that’s what Parc’s Canada is claiming on their website and twitter accounts. Of course the bird really hasn’t resurfaced until you see it if... read more

Parasitic Jaegers and Kleptoparisitism

The Parasitic Jaegers employ a tactic known as kleptoparasitism as the birds chase down auks or gulls or in many cases above the Churchill River, Arctic terns. Jaegers harass the birds after they have procured a fish, usually capelin, until the frantic bird is so... read more


Who Controls the Northwest Passage

In April China encouraged shippers in country to use the Northwest Passage for trade routes around the world. The problem is there is dispute over the newly, somewhat accessible, Arctic route as to whether it’s an international waterway or under Canadian... read more

Arctic Circle Observatory Has Early Snowmelt

Barrow Observatory, an Arctic Circle research station run by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is normally a very cold place with snow lasting well into the summer months. This year is different according to researchers as snow has begun to melt a... read more

Dramatic Ice Loss Forcing Polar Bears to Swim Farther

Canadian Arctic polar bears are swimming longer distances to find suitable ice in which to hunt seals and rear their young. Scientists are deeply concerned that such swims of several days duration, particularly in the Beaufort Sea, are the cause of population decline... read more
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Churchill Video of the Week – Momma and Cubs

With the treasures of Churchill Arctic summer revealing themselves each day, what better time to post this absolutely amazing footage of polar bear cubs playing with mom in the snow of northern Manitoba near Churchill. I apologize if this has been posted previously... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bear Collar Cam

     A recent project monitoring polar bears will help scientists better understand patterns of energy use in a warming Arctic. The project partners included Polar Bears International, USGS, explore.org, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, York University, San... read more

A “Typical” Churchill Summer Day

Summer in Churchill usually involves wearing a fleece jacket, long pants, hat and sometimes gloves. It also can be the “hotspot” of Manitoba with temperatures pushing 90F. These fluctuations make Churchill …well..Churchill. As a guide, I always... read more
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