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Last Beluga Photos of the Season

Local Churchill photographer and guide Alex De Vries – Magnifico took these photos of beluga whales on his last snorkeling trip of the summer season. The belugas were very curious and friendly and Alex believed they were coming to say goodbye. These creatures... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Arctic

This Joshua Holko video captures the frozen beauty of the Arctic. Solitude and quietness prevail in this last bastion of unexplored territory on the planet. Many of the animals portrayed in the film can be found in the Churchill region during October and November.... read more

Awesome Summer Northern Lights in Churchill

This past year has been stellar for northern lights in Churchill. Although peak season for aurora borealis viewing in the region is typically February and March, the end of summer in Churchill can be a perfect time to see the lights. These photographs from just a... read more
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Muskoxen are the New Polar Bears in Grise Fiord

Churchill has polar bear alert to protect residents and tourists from harm. Grise Fiord, Nunavut’s northernmost community with a population of 148, may soon have muskoxen alert for the same reason! Two muskoxen have been seen along the coast and another has been... read more

Extraordinary Talking Beluga Whales

Beluga whales trained by biologists to retrieve experimental torpedoes in the 1970’s and 80’s in Arctic cold waters thought of themselves as family to the crew. They often formed deep bonds with their trainers and would stay with them even though they were... read more

Russian Pilot Fends Off Polar Bears

Sergey Ananov a Russian pilot attempting to circumnavigate the Arctic Circle in a two-seater Robinson R22 helicopter went down in the Arctic Ocean after his helicopter lost altitude for nearly three minutes. A gear belt broke midway through his flight to Greenland... read more


Shell Sued for Drilling Safety Plans

Shell Oil recently was approved for exploration and drilling in the Arctic Chukchi Sea amid fervent protest and controversy. Highly scrutinized and condemned, this operation has high risks associated with the process. Regardless, Shell and government regulators have... read more

Polar Bear Stats – Churchill Summer

Here are the recent bear statistics for Churchill over the last week/month published by Manitoba Conservation. It’s pretty clear that polar bear numbers in summer months have increased over the last decade as sea ice melts faster in the spring. When I guided... read more

Arctic Ice Stabilizes in Short Term

The Arctic summer of 2013 was a cool one. So much so that the trend of decreasing sea ice has regained it’s recent losses by at least one third over the last few years. Because of the cool summer that year, more multi – year ice was left at the end of the... read more
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Notes from the Field – Churchill Arctic Summer

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Moira LePatourel and her last group of travelers in Churchill’s Arctic summer had a full compliment northern phenomenon. “We had the full sub-arctic experience on our final trip” Le Patourel stated. Two nights of... read more

Notes From the Field – Churchill Arctic Summer

Churchill’s Arctic summer season for Natural Habitat Adventures groups has been incredibly exciting so far. Aside from the bountiful array of beluga whales in the Churchill River and Hudson Bay, there’s been some polar bear action out on Eskimo point just... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bears

This polar bear documentary examines the life of a polar bear in all the seasons of the year. a very interesting look at the “ice bear’s” life cycle. Hunting is a polar bear’s survival mode. This video shows the main facets of the polar... read more
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