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Gyrfalcon Visits Northern lights Camera

A beautiful gyrfalcon perched on the explore.org camera mount located atop the Churchill Northern Studies Center. Apparently this has been a regular stopping station for the raptor as explore.org has documented a dozen visits already this season. This rare close up... read more

Churchill Photos of the Week – Arctic Summer

Although the heart of winter has really just begun in Churchill, we are starting to dream of summer and the Arctic secrets revealed during the warmer months in the north. Birds, beluga whales, Arctic wildflowers and other wonders of the short Churchill Arctic summer... read more

More Epic Aurora Borealis Shots from Churchill

They keep coming! Northern lights season 2016 in Churchill is of to a banging start with more incredible lights over the past couple of nights.Here are some images from Alex De Vries – Magnifico in Churchill. Even though the temperatures have been frigidly cold,... read more
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Churchill Photos of the Week – Northern lights

Some amazing northern lights photographs from 2015 in Churchill. This year we are hoping for an even more phenomenal portfolio of shots from travelers and accomplished Natural Habitat Adventures guides. Polar bear season surprised us all with beluga whales still in... read more

“In Between” – The World of the Muskoxen

One of the most majestic Arctic animals that rivals the mighty polar bear as king of the Arctic is the muskoxen. Rolf Steinmann, a German cameraman, has directed In Between, which unveils the sights and sounds of the muskoxen and its unforgiving natural habitat in the... read more


Manitoba Province Urging Beluga Protection

Nearly a quarter, 57,000, of the worlds beluga population estimated at 200,000 migrate to the Western Hudson Bay estuaries of the Seal, Nelson and Churchill Rivers. The province of Manitoba is hoping the liberal government keeps promises made during the 2015 election... read more

Snowy Owls and Lemmings

The snowy owl is the largest owl – by weight- and certainly the most photogenic with its’ regal white feathers and stunning yellow eyes. Birders and travelers from around the world venture north to the Arctic to catch a glimpse, and sometimes more in... read more

Churchill Not Only Town With Polar Bear Patrols

Eastern Greenland and specifically the town of Ittoqqortoormiit, have been forced to extend their polar bear patrols through the month of October, reports WWF Denmark, a conservancy. The WWF-funded patrols had been scheduled to cease at the end of September,  however... read more
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Fresh Field Notes From Churchill – Northern lights

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton reports that northern lights season in Churchill got off to a roaring start this week! Awesome aurora borealis and fine first looks from Natural Habitat’s Aurora pod and the Aurora Domes warmed the hearts and hands... read more

Live Northern Lights Q and A Friday at 5pm ET – Explore.org

  Ever wonder what the perfect conditions are for seeing the magnificent northern lights ? When and where are the best places to see them? Why are various northern lights different colors? Well, you can get all the answers from an expert today right here! Click this... read more

Churchill Photos of the Week – Summer Polar Bears

When you think summer in Churchill you usually think beluga whales, tundra wildflowers and amazing numbers of migratory life – list birds. Polar bears are generally not on traveler’s radar though summer bear activity has become more of the norm these days.... read more
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