Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International (PBI) focuses solely on the conservation of polar bears on our planet. The organization’s drive and passion is to insure that polar bears remain an integral part of the Arctic forever.

Conserving polar bears and their habitat, mainly sea ice, is the current mission of Polar Bears International. Through education via science, advocacy and media PBI seeks to inspire people to work to preserve the Arctic environment through conservation and thus preserve the polar bear species and climate on Earth.

Scientific Research

Chief scientist Dr. Stephen Amstrup works with leading scientists to consider conservation tactics for preserving the Arctic and the iconic polar bear.

Internationally, polar bears are listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN. The United States lists polar bears as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Polar bears in Canada are considered a species of special concern under the National Species at Risk Act. Both Manitoba and Ontario regionally consider polar bears as a threatened species  under provincial endangered species legislation.

Sparring polar bears.

Sparring polar bears in the CWMA. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar Bears International is working tirelessly to understand and solve the urgent issues facing the Arctic and polar bears specifically. Habitat loss and seal prey depletion are the main concerns that PBI is addressing on a daily basis. Between 20 -25 thousand polar bears within 19 different sub-populations are depending on the research being conducted by organizations such as PBI.

Scientific research on polar bears is being focused on and research results and statistics can be found on their website at polarbearsinternational.org.

Also, during polar bear season in October and November people can track polar bears in the wild with PBI’S polar bear cam. This allows an “outside” look into the world of the polar bear.

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