Visit Churchill

Churchill offers three distinct seasons of incredible wildlife and natural history experiences in and around the historic frontier town on the Hudson Bay. An opportunity to visit one of Earth’s true wild places allows travelers to intimately see polar bears, beluga whales, Arctic birds and foxes as well as many other wildlife species of the north. Northern lights are visible almost year round as well and are one of the most majestic sights on the planet. Churchill ties all these amazing wonders together with its rich cultural and indigenous history.


Polar Bear Adventures: 

During October and November Churchill is transformed into the polar bear capitol of the world. Thousands of travelers from every corner of the Earth venture to Churchill for a chance to see the “King of the Arctic” in their natural habitat.

polar bear in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.


Arctic Summer Adventures:

Summer in Churchill is the most prolific season with life blossoming from all directions. Whales, wildflowers, birds and even polar bears combine to make a complete discovery of  the Arctic web of life. 
Beluga whales rarely spyhop but do come out of water when swimming.


Northern Lights Adventures:

Churchill lies in a fortuitous position below the Van Allen belt and northern lights are a common occurrence during the months of February and March. The spectacular aurora will change how you look at the natural world!
Aurora in Churchill, Manitoba.



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