Polar Bear Adventures

Polar bear season is the marquee season for Churchill and just about everyone knows why….the mighty polar bear! Polar bears can be sighted all along the Hudson Bay surrounding the frontier town though the best and safest destination to observe their behavior is in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area about 20 kilometers east of town. This designated protected area is strictly regulated with permits for limited Polar Rovers daily and two tundra lodges for two existing tourism companies.

polar bear on Tundra Lodge

Polar bear checking out travelers on the Tundra lodge, Brad Josephs photo.

With hundreds of bears in a  850,000 hectare area, every behavior and dynamic can be seen throughout the season. Sparring, nursing cubs, polar bears with seal kills on the coast and bears sleeping in the willows all provide unique ways for observation. However, most travelers agree that polar bears approaching the Polar Rovers at close range as well as at times sniffing at the people inside as they press up against the vehicles is more spectacular and thrilling then anything else in Churchill.

With a variety of expeditions to choose from, travelers are able to tailor trips to their desires in Churchill. Time in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area can be blended with time in and around town in order to get a feel for the culture as well. Nights can also be reserved out on the Tundra Lodge where one can observe polar bears all day and night in their natural habitat.

Aside from seeing polar bears, travelers can immerse themselves in other activities in Churchill. Helicopter excursions over Wapusk National Parc and the Churchill Wildlife Management Area as well as the town of Churchill, Port of Churchill and Fort prince of Wales provides an incredible expansive view of the north. It really is worth seeing the land from this perspective!

Tremendous opportunities exist for seeing the “king of the Arctic” in the Churchill region. By land or air, viewing polar bears in their Arctic world can be the ultimate wildlife experience providing endless polar bear behavioral situations. A trip to Churchill is always unique and unpredictable!


Classic Polar Bear Adventure

Churchill is home to thousands of polar bears in the fall months of October and November. Join Natural Habitat Adventures for one of our small – group adventures guided by one of our world class polar bear guides.

Classic Polar Bear Photo Adventure

Classic Polar Bear Photo Adventure

Expert naturalist-photographer’s lead these small groups around the sub-Arctic Churchill region. Incredible opportunities to capture amazing polar bear images in their natural habitat!

Ultimate Churchill Adventure

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