Northern Lights Adventures

Northern lights trips to Churchill have become incredibly popular over the last few years. The sun’s solar flare activity has been at peak levels and viewing of aurora borealis has been optimal in Churchill for extended periods.

Northern lights Churchill, MB

Northern lights in the Churchill sky. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

Although northern lights can be seen in Churchill during late summer as well as polar bear season during October and November, the premier time to view the lights is during February and March. Although cold this time of year, the frequency of cloud – free days is higher than any other time of year.

different options for viewing the lights exist as well. Aurora Domes outside of town provide warmth from the elements and a panoramic view of the skyline. Natural Habitat’s Aurora Pod also provides incredible photo options for all types of foreground features such as boreal forest and  Precambrian shield dipping down to the frozen Hudson Bay. When one gets cold they can warm in the cozy confines of the glass pod in front of a wood pellet stove.

Natural Habitat Aurora Pod with northern lights.

Aurora Pod with the northern lights in the distance. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

When not viewing the glimmer of the northern lights, travelers can learn how to build an igloo as Inuits did and still do today. Dogsledding excursions through the boreal forest and out on the land provide the thrills that drive Churchill mushers to race in some of the most prestigious races in North America. The Hudson Bay Quest in March is a northern gem that infuses energy and life into people in the midst of a long winter. The race alternates starts yearly in Churchill and Gillam every March.

When you venture north in the grips of winter, you will find a very pristine “edge of the earth” environment. It really is beautiful in life’s simplest forms. The Arctic reveals its beautiful treasures at a time of  quiet solitude.



Northern Lights & Arctic Cultures

Come to Churchill and see the most spectacular northern lights in the world. Churchill is quite accessible and features multiple options to view the aurora borealis including Natural Habitat Adventures brand new aurora pod set on the rocky coastline overlooking the Hudson Bay! The incredible lights combined with the magic of the northern tundra and boreal forest provides a full immersion in Arctic life.

Northern Lights Photography Tour


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