Churchill Weekend Photos

These two shots from Churchill photographer Katie de Meulles are classic winter images from Churchill. Another awesome aurora shot and a cool shot from the boreal forest at Wapusk Adventures. Enjoy!... read more

A “Typical” Churchill Summer Day

Summer in Churchill usually involves wearing a fleece jacket, long pants, hat and sometimes gloves. It also can be the “hotspot” of Manitoba with temperatures pushing 90F. These fluctuations make Churchill …well..Churchill. As a guide, I always... read more

Summertime in Churchill Brings Belugas

As the Churchill Arctic summer nears we will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of thousands of beluga whales, some with their calves, from the north. I can’t wait to see images from the season and all the other Arctic treasures around the tundra. Stay tuned for... read more

Unbelievable Record Polar Bear Dive

 Some video footage shot by Natural Habitat Adventures guide Rinie van Meurs. Polar bears can dive for extended time under water though this video shows what appears to be a record dive by this particular animal. Enjoy this raw... read more

Spectacular Northern Lights from Deep Space

This fascinating view from space of the shimmering northern lights is unique though still nothing like seeing them in the open, cool air of the north country and Churchill, Manitoba! January through March is the peak time to see the spectacular northern lights right... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill