How Northern Lights Work – Video

This short video explains very succinctly how northern lights are formed. Hopefully this gives everyone a basic understanding of what is behind those amazing aurora borealis spectacles that glimmer across the northern skies above Churchill and other parts of the... read more

Churchill Photos of the Week

These scintillating northern lights photos taken by Natural Habitat Adventures guide Eddy Savage were the first two he took of the 2017 northern lights season. What a widespread display of aurora borealis highlighted by cloud cover. Great shots! Churchill was buried... read more

Arctic Research Ship to Freeze in Sea Ice

Sir John Franklin and a few other early Arctic explorers would have been shocked at this announcement. Scientists are organizing one of the biggest research expeditions ever planned and the challenge is somewhat unconventional. Tentatively scheduled to sail in the... read more

Awesome Northern Lights Video – Churchill

An awesome northern lights video by Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton. The aurora borealis is really starting to consistently shine this season in Churchill. However a sever winter storm warning has been issued for the region over the next couple of days.... read more

Two Polar Bear Populations Stable

A 2016 Scientific Working Group report on two Arctic sub – populations was released last week and appeared to confirm what local Inuit have been seeing over many years. Polar bear populations in Baffin Bay and Kane Basin are considered stable and not declining... read more

Churchill Northern Lights Photos

Here are some more photos from Natural Habitat Adventures guides in Churchill from recent groups during this northern lights season. Dog sledding has been amazing and the new warmer Aurora Pod has been a huge success with avid photographers. The aurora borealis is... read more

Spectacular Churchill Train Journey Video

Traveling from Winnipeg to Churchill to experience the incredible natural wonders found in the frontier town has limited options. You can, of course, fly via the small airlines and hope the weather provides a window in and out of Churchill. You cannot drive, unless... read more

Churchill Sunday Photos – Aurora

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Justin Gibson has had an incredible week in Churchill with his group of avid travelers. Recent northern lights activity has been quite spectacular to start the season and these are just a few of the great ones Justin captured last... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Iceland

    Photographer Stian Rekdal combined thousands of photos to create this time-lapse video showcasing Iceland’s natural beauty. He spent three weeks—and more than 3,000 miles—on the road and took more than 40,000 photos. Iceland is quite the amazing place... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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