Churchill Video – Polar Bear Town – The Gauntlet

Take a look at the premier of Polar Bear Town, the new Outdoor Life Network series based on the polar bear mecca of Churchill, Manitoba. For me it’s kind of like seeing the movie after reading the book. I’ve been involved in the tourism trade there for... read more

Shell Halts Arctic Oil Drilling

Royal Dutch Shell Oil will halt oil drilling in the Arctic after an initial exploratory well in the Chukchi Sea produced weak results. The Burger J well was drilled 6,800 feet in a basin that had company officials thinking they were on top of a significant reserve.... read more

Intriguing Churchill Photo

When pre – polar bear season news is slow in Churchill, one can always find something quirky and new about the frontier town on the shores of the Hudson Bay. Take a look at this wild photo of a plane fuselage on a train car in... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Red Fox

Take a look at this amazing footage of a red fox hunting lemmings in the snow. These animals have exceptional hearing that detects the movement of the rodents. Scientists also hypothesize that red fox utilize the Earth’s magnetic field to hunt. While the ability... read more

Global “Doomsday” Arctic Seed Vault Opened

Deep beyond the rim of the Arctic Circle on a Norwegian archipelago the Svalbard Global Seed Vault stands rimmed in hoar frost and surrounded by permafrost. The vault, which holds roughly 860,000 and 4,000 plant species seeds from nearly every country on Earth, is a... read more

The Town of Churchill