The Kings of the Arctic

Polar Bear Photograph – Churchill

Natural Habitat Adventures guide Brad Joseph too this magnificent polar photo in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area last polar bear season. The ability to capture the detail in an image that is predominately white takes years of practice and experimenting with... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bear Mom and Cubs

With the Churchill Arctic Summer season coming quickly, we thought we would present a video preview of the possibility of seeing polar bears in Churchill during the summer. This footage by local Churchillian Joe Stover was filmed last August. A mother polar bear with... read more

The Elusive and Rare Ross’s Gull

When I was guiding Churchill Arctic Summer trips for Natural Habitat Adventures with local birding expert Bonnie Chartier, one common goal we always strived for was spotting the elusive and rare Ross’s gull.   The bird, named after the famed Arctic explorer... read more

Polar Bears on Ice – The Sea(l) Ice Dilemma

Seals, particularly ringed and bearded seals, don’t care too much about the polar bear’s plight of reduced sea ice. True, seals need the ice – pack and ice – floes to build their dens to birth and raise their young. However, they would not mind... read more

Churchill Photos of the Week

These Churchill Photos of the week are by Rhonda Reid and one by Stephanie Fernandez. Over 200 species of migrating birds come to Churchill during this time to take advantage of the bountiful feeding grounds. Only about 10 overwinter in Churchill. Look for postings... read more

Churchill Sunday Photo

This detailed photograph of a Churchill husky appears as a painting. The gray, black and white hairs blend together to form the tight knit coverage for the climate. Sled dogs in Churchill are hearty and strong and can endure frigid cold weather in winter. They are... read more

Five Must See’s in Churchill

If you take an adventure to Churchill in the near future there are some “must see” attractions you should take in before you leave the frontier town. Of course some are season specific while some are year round accessible. 1.- Polar Bears: Not many people... read more

The Town of Churchill