Churchill Video of the Week – A Summer Odyssey

  This documentary by The Nature of Things, Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey, stars a Western Hudson Bay curious teenage polar bear near Churchill. This picturesque footage, filmed over a year, follows a juvenile polar bear’s migration through the frigid Hudson Bay... read more

Arctic Circle Observatory Has Early Snowmelt

Barrow Observatory, an Arctic Circle research station run by The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is normally a very cold place with snow lasting well into the summer months. This year is different according to researchers as snow has begun to melt a... read more

Churchill Sunday Photos – Birds Galore

Rhonda Reid in Churchill keeps surprising us with amazing bird images from Churchill. These new avian arrivals to the Churchill region are some rare ones and these are just fabulous shots out on the tundra.Churchill spring and summer provides one of the best places on... read more

Video – Orcas Hunting Seals in Antarctica

This thrilling footage of orca whales coordinating a seal hunt in Antarctica exhibits the collaboration these animals rely on to maximize their potential to capture prey in the harsh conditions of Antarctica. Orcas have been spotted more regularly in the Arctic waters... read more

Live Video – Caribou at Cape Churchill

Caribou grazing on the tidal lowlands out at Cape Churchill seem content and calm. Arctic summer is the greatest time of year in Churchill in my opinion as various wildlife moves into the region and everywhere you look there’s some kind of action. Polar bear... read more

Signs of Spring in Churchill

Here are some more images of spring in Churchill by Rhonda Reid. Typically a fairly relaxed time of year in the frontier town, we have been blessed with a constant flow of amazing bird photos and natural beauty that begins to emerge from the tundra. Keep posted for... read more

Churchill Flicker Photo

This is truly a spectacular northern flicker photo from Churchill and Rhonda Reid. We are really enjoying all the amazing bird images from Rhonda as the exciting Churchill Arctic summer takes shape.... read more

Churchill Weekend Photo – Mallards

This cool shot of mallard ducks in a melt pool with snow behind them gives us a look into the transition between winter and spring. Throngs of migratory birds are journeying to the region for the bountiful Arctic summer season. Stay tuned to read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bear Collar Cam

     A recent project monitoring polar bears will help scientists better understand patterns of energy use in a warming Arctic. The project partners included Polar Bears International, USGS,, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, York University, San... read more

No Geese Like Churchill Snow Geese

The thousands of snow geese that make Churchill home every summer have descended on the frontier northern town once again. This image by Rhonda Reid shows the snow geese lighting on the tundra ready to forage on the marsh grasses of the Hudson Bay... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill