Polar Bear Season.. Not Quite Over

Just when you thought it was safe to walk the streets of Churchill polar bear season has reincarnated itself. Well, not quite that dramatic or mysterious, more like prevailing south winds that pushed the pack ice back into the immense Hudson Bay. This will most likely... read more

Churchill Photos of the Week

Some awesome images by local photographer Alex De Vries – Magnifico in Churchill. The season has come to an end and ice covers the Hudson Bay as far as the eye can see. Polar bears have begun their winter seal hunting and will return to Churchill in the late... read more

Churchill Sunday Photos

Polar bear season 2016 was resounding success in Churchill. The ice has formed across the Hudson Bay and polar bears have migrated to the ice surface to hunt seals and build up their fat reserves that will carry them through the year. A few bears are still lingering... read more

Reflections of polar Bear Season

This polar bear season was filled with unusual trends. Northern lights were more often visible in the evenings than not and the first seasonal use of Natural Habitat’s Aurora pod was an astounding success. Locating the pod was a little more difficult than... read more

Polar Bear Season Winding Down

As the 2016 polar bear season winds down in Churchill, the stellar photos keep pouring in from Natural Habitat Adventures guides. These fine images from Brad Josephs are indicative of an incredible polar bear season on the tundra. Looking forward to posting more... read more

Polar Bear Season Going Strong

Polar bear season is finishing strong this year with almost no threat of early ice forming in the Hudson Bay. Polar bears will be here for the duration and maybe even a bit after all travelers have returned back home. This epic polar bear season has provided many... read more

Hudson Bay Quest Roster Filling Fast

This year’s Hudson Bay Quest will start in Churchill on Thursday March 17th (St. Patty’s Day) and finish in Gillam! Should be quite a celebration with some green beer at the start line. Come to Churchill and see the northern lights and the start of a great... read more

Churchill Photos – Polar Bear Season

Some amazing photos from Churchill by Natural Habitat Adventures expedition leader Justin Gibson. The threat of an early freeze – up in the Hudson Bay seems to be gone as the pack ice that had formed last week has blown out in the bay. Looking forward to another... read more

The Town of Churchill