Churchill Webinar – Justin Gibson

Churchill is widely known as the premier location to see the King of the Arctic, aka polar bear! Natural Habitat guide Justin Gibson has spent many seasons in Churchill guiding avid travelers on the tundra to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. This... read more

Aurora Focus Returns to Churchill

After what seems like weeks of blizzard news from Churchill, the main focus of this time of year has returned with some exquisite and intriguing northern lights images from Natural Habitat Adventures guide Drew Hamilton. Drew and his travelers ventured out on the ice... read more

Train Finally Arrives in Churchill

A freight train loaded with food and supplies pulled into Churchill three weeks late on Monday afternoon. Since March 1st, trains have been unable to travel the heavily snow – drifted train tracks than wind there way to Churchill. Two massive blizzards had... read more

March Polar Bear Airlift

A very rare sight to see an airlift this time of year of a mother and cub polar bear out to the ice pack. The immense amount of snow has even made travel for polar bears difficult. Mothers and cubs can emerge from their dens in March though most families are spotted... read more

Yellowknife Aurora Borealis

This video footage from Tony Kwong in Yellowknife of the magical aurora borealis was posted by CBC NWt. We’ve seen some unbelievable northern lights this season in between the fierce storms!... read more

Churchill Photo of the Week-Aurora

The silver lining of the 2017 Churchill blizzard is the incredible scenery created to enhance northern lights and landscape images around the region. This majestic aurora borealis shot by Corbin Hawkins is a stunning scenic portrayal of the north at its finest.... read more

Running With Wolves

Rhonda Miller was driving to work in Edzo, N.W.T last Friday when she thought maybe she was still asleep and dreaming. Maybe, she thought, she needed another cup of coffee to explain what she was seeing up on the road ahead. She surely never expected what she... read more

Hudson Bay Quest Cancelled

Race organizers have made the decision to cancel the 2017 Hudson Bay Quest dogsled race due to the recent blizzard that buried the Churchill and Gillam regions this past week. The race was scheduled to depart Gillam this Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, and finish in... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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