Churchill Photo – Seven Months Until the HBQ

Sled – dogs in Churchill only have seven more months until the start of the annual Hudson Bay Quest! This year’s race will start in Churchill and end in Gillam as the course direction alternates each year. This year should be another thrilling race as last... read more

Protecting the “Last Ice” Region

Fortunately the “last ice” region we are discussing is being used in a manner of symbolism.  The area of interest is above Canada’s High Arctic Islands and northwest Greenland. National Geographic Society and World Wildlife Fund-Canada are on a mission to... read more

Last Beluga Photos of the Season

Local Churchill photographer and guide Alex De Vries – Magnifico took these photos of beluga whales on his last snorkeling trip of the summer season. The belugas were very curious and friendly and Alex believed they were coming to say goodbye. These creatures... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Arctic

This Joshua Holko video captures the frozen beauty of the Arctic. Solitude and quietness prevail in this last bastion of unexplored territory on the planet. Many of the animals portrayed in the film can be found in the Churchill region during October and November.... read more

Muskoxen are the New Polar Bears in Grise Fiord

Churchill has polar bear alert to protect residents and tourists from harm. Grise Fiord, Nunavut’s northernmost community with a population of 148, may soon have muskoxen alert for the same reason! Two muskoxen have been seen along the coast and another has been... read more

Churchill Photos of the Week

  Wildlife researcher and photographer Brent Stephenson recorded these images in Baffin Island in the far north of Canada. An incredible day around Baffin where a pod of over 100 narwhals followed his vessel around. Even some male narwhals with tusks breaking the... read more

Churchill Sunday Photo – Polar Bears

Another favorite polar bear photo from Churchill. Polar bears spar during the time leading up to their time out on the Hudson Bay sea ice as a means of staying fit and even as a mating display. These two have been at some aggressive grappling as the blood on one of... read more

The Town of Churchill