Churchill Videos of the Week – Polar Bears in Water

This video of a male polar bear swimming in frigid Arctic seas displays how polar bears have increased their range of habitat in ice – free waters after break – up. Searching for seals for meals has extended past the traditional hunting season and the king... read more

Churchill Canada Day – Polar Bear Dip

These photos from Churchillian Katie de Meulles are from the annual Canada Day polar bear plunge into the Hudson Bay. With a water temperature around 40 F, the plunge will numb you pretty fast. I’ve experienced the event firsthand and my legs went numb halfway... read more

Churchill Photo of the Week

This photograph by long – time polar bear photographer and expert Dan Guravich is of the largest polar bear ever recorded…2, 209 lbs. Now that’s a lot of polar bear! Churchill is home to many large polar bears but this one is top of the... read more

Churchill Sunday Photos

Polar Rovers are a safe way to get up close with the polar  bears of Churchill. Bears are attracted by various scents from the machines as well as travelers. In a land where food is the driving force or polar bears at this time of year, polar bears are keenly attuned... read more

Grizzly Bear Sighted Near Churchill

The first grizzly bear possibly ever seen in Churchill was spotted just outside the Churchill Northern Studies Center last Thursday in the late evening. A group of residents entered  the center and alerted the staff that they just saw a grizzly bear outside. A group... read more

Three Bear Species in Churchill

Researcher Doug Clark’s remote camera in Wapusk National Park captured all three bear species within a seven month time span in the same location. The camera’s are part of an ongoing research project supported by Parks Canada studying polar bear –... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bears

This polar bear documentary examines the life of a polar bear in all the seasons of the year. a very interesting look at the “ice bear’s” life cycle. Hunting is a polar bear’s survival mode. This video shows the main facets of the polar... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Beluga Whales

When I first started guiding Churchill Arctic summer trips I fell in love with beluga whales in the Churchill River and out in the Hudson Bay. Every year for ten years I returned pulled by the same force that I felt the whales were pulled by each year. I felt an... read more

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