Churchill Murals Come at Right Time

Churchill has been through some tough times lately. Floods resulting from two huge March blizzards have eroded nearly 20 sections of train track from Gillam to Churchill. Eighteen artists from around the world have journeyed to Churchill for the ocean conservation... read more

Aurora Borealis Video Mesmerizes

This fantastic northern lights video footage is one of the best we have seen in a long time. Getting excited for northern lights visible in Churchill even in August. If you really want to see the surreal show however, come to Churchill for prime northern lights season... read more

Snowy Owl Release From CSNC

Here’s some really cool footage from the Churchill Northern Studies Center and today’s Snowy Owl release into the wild. Churchill’s snowy owl population seems to fluctuate from year to year so seeing this one getting back into the wild is awesome.... read more

Omnitrax Can’t Fix Rail Line Alone

Omnitrax does not have the resources to repair the Hudson Bay Railway and is urging the Canadian Government to get involved to help get the trains running again according to Merv Tweed, President of the company’s Canada management team. “We’ve said... read more

Five Magnifico Churchill Sunset Photos

These five fantastic shots from Alex De Vries – Magnifico highlight the epic sunsets Churchill routinely sees this time of year. Maybe these images convey hope for the residents of Churchill and a solution for the damaged rail line to the south…a silver... read more

Churchill Mayor Spence and Citizen Speak about Railine

The train crisis in Churchill is becoming a hot issue and Mayor Mike Pence has spoken out against the projection by track owner Omnitrax of a winter or even spring repair order and opening. A town meeting last night in Churchill drew nearly half of the 900 residents... read more

Five Epic Polar Bear Photos

Polar bear season is still almost four months away but these shots should get everyone excited for another magical fall in Churchill. We are sending all our best wishes and prayers for the people of Churchill as they deal with their lifeline, the Hudson Bay Rail line... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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