Churchill Video – Arctic Wolves Chase Arctic Hare

Hold your breath and hope for the best for this Arctic hare as these wolves pursue him at high speed. This is survival of the fittest in the purest sense. Another interesting fact about Arctic Hares, that I used to teach travelers to Churchill working as a guide for... read more

Arctic Graves May Expose Danger

This is something global warming proponents could not have predicted when temperatures began to rise faster than expected in the Arctic. Is it possible that a disease that has been eradicated from the world could reemerge again? Scientists from Russia are worried that... read more

Images Round the Arctic

Some pretty incredible images from Nunavut and the far north. We love posting a glimpse of life in the Arctic since the colors and vastness of the landscape are truly unique and fascinating. The simplicity in life and the enduring landscape give one a sense of... read more

Churchill Sunday Photo – Arctic Fox

This Churchill Sunday Photo by Great white Bear Tours owner Don Walkoski reminds us that winter doesn’t give way to summer in Churchill so quickly. Soon enough we will be seeing beluga whales frolicking in the Hudson Bay and Churchill River. What a beautiful... read more

Newfoundland Iceberg Draws Attention

This massive ice berg off the coast of Ferryland, Newfoundland has been the talk of Canada and other world news stations. What a natural way to enjoy the day..gazing at icebergs floating by. Iceberg chasers flocked to the coast of this town with a population of only... read more

Arctic Photo of the Week-Egg Hunt

This Easter egg hunt on the frozen Arctic Ocean at Cambridge Bay, Nunavut will make all other egg hunts across the Earth pale in comparison. What a way for the kids to celebrate Easter! I’m sure there were many polar bear monitors around as... read more

Arctic Aerial Images Encouraging & Awe Inspiring

Mario Tama photographed these breathless Arctic photos from a Lockheed P-3 accompanying a NASA crew carrying out Operation Icebridge, an operation initiated to measure Earth’s glaciers and ice sheets. The stillness, colors and textures of the Arctic landscape... read more

A Pair of Red Foxes in Churchill

This classic shot of a pair of red foxes at the opening to a secluded den in Churchill signals the start of spring. It will be interesting to see what bounty of wildlife appears in Churchill this spring and summer after a prolonged and ferocious winter. Stay posted... read more

Omitrax Hit With Arson in The Pas

A $5,000 reward is being offered by Omnitrax Canada for information that helps locate an arsonist that destroyed about $1 million worth of railroad ties that were to be used this summer on the Hudson Bay rail – line. Fire lit up the sky around 5:30 a.m. in The... read more

Inuvik Reindeer Crossing Ice Road – Video

With only a couple of weeks left in the operation of the ice road on the McKenzie River, there’s still some action happening. Randy Henderson narrates this phenomenal reindeer crossing. This is the final year of the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk roadway over ice.... read more

The Town of Churchill

The Town of Churchill

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