Russian Pilot Fends Off Polar Bears

Sergey Ananov a Russian pilot attempting to circumnavigate the Arctic Circle in a two-seater Robinson R22 helicopter went down in the Arctic Ocean after his helicopter lost altitude for nearly three minutes. A gear belt broke midway through his flight to Greenland... read more

Churchill Sunday Photos – Belugas

One of the “coolest” things I have done adventure-wise in my life was snorkeling with the beluga whales in Churchill. The experience can be phenomenal! The lower Churchill River is often clouded from run off along the banks further south. Therefore,... read more

Bowhead Whale in Churchill Waters

Last week a very unusual sighting of a bowhead whale in the Churchill River created a buzz in town and around the whale watching community. Churchill is known for its beluga whales that return from the north every summer and infiltrate the estuaries surrounding the... read more

Notes From the Field – Churchill Arctic Summer

Churchill’s Arctic summer season for Natural Habitat Adventures groups has been incredibly exciting so far. Aside from the bountiful array of beluga whales in the Churchill River and Hudson Bay, there’s been some polar bear action out on Eskimo point just... read more

Churchill Video of the Week – Hudson Bay Dip

Canada day was just a few weeks ago and part of the festivities is the annual Hudson Bay dip took place in Churchill. The dip is an outpouring of community fun and bravery to enter the 40 degree F water. The year I took part there was still ice floating near shore and... read more

Polar Bear Video from Churchill River

Summer on the Churchill River is predominately for beluga whale watching. However, occasionally each season presents the amazing opportunity to view polar bears on the rocks around Cape Merry or Eskimo Point just north of Fort Prince of Wales across river. This video... read more

Arctic Ice Stabilizes in Short Term

The Arctic summer of 2013 was a cool one. So much so that the trend of decreasing sea ice has regained it’s recent losses by at least one third over the last few years. Because of the cool summer that year, more multi – year ice was left at the end of the... read more

Arctic Shrubs May Influence Climate Change

Our northern ecosystems are changing and this time sea ice is not the suspect. International scientists headed up by the University of Edinburgh have results from a comprehensive study on vegetation comprising the Arctic tundra. Research was conducted on 37 sites in... read more

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