Churchill Mayor Spence and Citizen Speak about Railine

The train crisis in Churchill is becoming a hot issue and Mayor Mike Pence has spoken out against the projection by track owner Omnitrax of a winter or even spring repair order and opening. A town meeting last night in Churchill drew nearly half of the 900 residents in town.This issue will be one we follow for the forseeable future as it has incredible impact on Churchillians and travelers hoping to visit for beluga whale and polar bear season. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.


Magical Northern Lights Videos

Enjoy these fantastic short northern lights video clips that will remind us all of the season of lights in January and March. The Arctic summer season is almost upon us and soon beluga whales will take over the spotlight. Wildflowers, birds and whales will highlight our postings for the next few months and if the conditions are just right we may see some spectacular late evening northern lights as the summer wanes. Looking forward to an exciting summer beluga whale season with all types of treasures uncovered on the Hudson Bay water and the Churchill tundra.

Narwhals Feeding With Tusks – Video

For decades the the extruded tusk, actually tooth, of the male narwhal has been thought to be for mating purposes. Now, Canadian researchers have filmed incredible video footage in the high Arctic showing the real purpose of  their tusks; feeding. This short documentary highlights four researchers from Fisheries and Oceans Canada describing how they were able to capture the never before recorded evidence of this narwhal behavior. Fascinating!

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