Churchill’s Rocket Greens Growing Great

Rocket Greens Churchill

Churchill’s famous Rocket Greens at the Churchill Northern Studies Center. CNSC photo.


In October 2017, Churchill Northern Studies Center took delivery of a 25-foot sea container, specially designed to grow robust leafy greens. The idea of growing green vegetables in -60 C conditions was a stretch and many have thought it could not be done. Well, this year the indoor garden has harvested over 10,000 units of leafy greens. The name Rocket Greens is derived from its location at the old Churchill Research Rocket Range adjacent to CSNC. Rocket Greens sells to the residents of Churchill, as well as some restaurants and grocery stores, via subscription service. Subscribers receive their weekly “Launch Box” full of Rocket Greens, such as spinach, cilantro, basil, kale, lettuce, parsley, and more! So far the business and the produce have been “out of this world”!

Churchill Aurora Borealis Video



Natural Habitat Adventures guide Brad Josephs captured this spectacular northern lights display last night in Churchill. Brad is continually exceeding previous expectations of the most incredible lights he and his groups view week after week!

“Wow. One more fantastic show, almost every night the skies fill with green gold. When the aurora starts dancing a still image doesn’t do it justice. Here is real time video, shot with Sony A9. It wasn’t until recently that mirrorless cameras came out that could capture the reality of seeing aurora. Check it out!!!!! I am so excited. Shot while guiding aurora photo expedition for @naturalhabitatadventures at @teamwapusk camp. Churchill is the best place to see aurora!”

Churchill Aurora Season – Hot Water Test


Natural Habitat Adventures guide Brad Josephs is in Churchill for another run during the northern lights season. He isn’t the first to try this experiment of throwing hot water into the air in frigid temperatures, however, this always evokes such a satisfying reaction. Churchill is very cold right now and the lights are starting to shine in the sky over the Hudson Bay. As you can see Nat Hab guides are always coming up with fun & exciting activities for a daytime adventure in Churchill.


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