Thanks Great White Bear

polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear resting on the rocks in Churchill. Great White Bear Tours photo.

We would like to send a big thank you to Great White Bear Tours of Churchill for taking groups of travelers out in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area to view wildlife and especially polar bears. Their spectacular polar rovers keep groups from Natural Habitat Adventures safe and warm while viewing active polar bears across the tundra as well as other Arctic wildlife. They also supply loads of current incredible images from the Churchill region like this healthy polar bear from yesterday. The group also spotted a caribou out on the land. We are all looking forward to the upcoming polar bear season in October!

Polar Bear Season – Churchill Photos

Polar bear season in Churchill can be slow early on though it’s appearing this one is off to a memorable start. The early snow has provided the wintry backdrop that travelers enjoy as well as the polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. The temperatures that accompany the snow cause wildlife to become active. Polar bears especially become active and roam the tundra. As the season goes on bears will spar incessantly and move more swiftly across the land. Signs are good that this season we will see incredible polar bear action all across the Churchill Wildlife Management Area!

polar rover churchill

Polar rover searching the tundra for wildlife. Moira Le Patourel photo.

polar rover

A group of Natural Habitat travelers with their polar rover. Moira LePatourel photo.

polar bear churchill

Polar bear lounging on the Precambrian shield. Don Walkoski photo.

Polar bear churchill

Polar bear surveying the rocks along the Hudson Bay coast. Don Walkoski photo.

Northern lights in Churchill.

Northern lights over the boreal forest in Churchill. Don Walkoski photo.

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bears

This National Geographic video is a great look into the harsh yet magical world of the polar bear in the Arctic. While the winter is still creeping into the Churchill region, the next couple of weeks will reveal increasing numbers of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. Before we know it there will be all kinds of action coming from Churchill and brought to you here on This should be another amazing season up north with many surprises as it moves along!

Live Video – Caribou at Cape Churchill

Caribou grazing on the tidal lowlands out at Cape Churchill seem content and calm. Arctic summer is the greatest time of year in Churchill in my opinion as various wildlife moves into the region and everywhere you look there’s some kind of action. Polar bear season has the big draw here though the bountiful Churchill Arctic summer is by far the most exhilarating time for seeing the abundance of northern life forms. From tundra, to hundreds of migratory birds, to the Hudson Bay, incredible experiences are there for any nature enthusiast! Journey to Churchill this summer!


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