Churchill Polar Bear Season Photo

Churchill’s 2016 polar bear season is winding down fro some Natural Habitat Adventures guides. Moira Le Patourel is finishing up her amazing season in Churchill tomorrow and we wish her well. Polar bear season for others is continuing for another week however and we will be bringing you all the news. Sunday will feature all the latest news and photos from the tundra. Check in and see the updates tomorrow!

Churchill inukshuk

Guide Moira and Churchill staff. Moira Le Patourel photo.

Churchill Northern Lights, Wildlife and Snow

A snowy tundra was the perfect setting for an Arctic fox greeting Natural Habitat Adventures guide Moira Le Patourel and her group of travelers. As snow fluttered to the ground the inquisitive fox seemed indifferent to the rover’s presence. What beautiful colors melding together in an Arctic landscape!

Arctic fox churchill, Manitoba

Arctic fox surveying the land fast ice along the Hudson Bay. Moira Le Patourel photo.

Caught between the search for lemmings and waiting for the Hudson Bay freeze, this gorgeous fox will patiently wait for the latter in order to feed off the left -overs of polar bear seal kills. A fascinating existence for sure. Polar bear season in Churchill reveals the subtleties of survival in the far north.

Arctic Fox Churchill

Arctic fox waiting out the eventual freezing of the Hudson Bay. Moira Le Patourel photo.

Later, out on the tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, a sow with two cubs of the year (coy) revealed themselves on the horizon and explored the ground close to the polar rover. The three moved confidently across the thermokarst landscape while circling the group observing from the rover. Purely incredible to witness these polar bears in their natural environment.

polar bear family in Churchill, Manitoba

Sow and two coy wandering the Hudson Bay coast near Churchill. Moira Le Patourel photo.

The persistent unseasonable moderate temperatures have polar bears resting and conserving energy for the most part though we are still seeing magical behavior across the tundra. Surely the snow and cold will escalate and we will see more sparring in the coming weeks. Until then we are not complaining about the number of family interactions so far this year as well as the variety of other wildlife sightings.

Polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba

Resting polar bear by a stand of willows. Moira Le Patourel photo.

The group was charmed with a first – night orientation of some fantastic northern lights which they took in down by the large inukshuk behind the town complex. What a display squeezed in between the clouds and snow squalls.

northern lights churchill inukshuk

One of the best spots in Churchill to capture the magical northern lights. Moira Le Patourel photo.

The following day Moira brought her travelers back for an iconic group photo from the head of the Hudson Bay. If the incredible aurora displays this polar bear season are any indication, we are in for quite a northern lights season in January through March.

Churchill inukshuk

Natural Habitat group photo at the Churchill inukshuk. Moira Le Patourel photo.

Polar Bears High and Low in Churchill

Churchill is in full swing with polar bears “high and low” as you can see from these recent field image submissions from the region. Moira Le Patourel leading a group of Natural Habitat Adventures travelers had a spectacular time in Churchill. The snow covered tundra provides an Arctic background for the incredible wildlife sightings in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA). What a trip for this fortunate group.

Polar bears scattered on the tundra of the CWMA were the highlight for sure though a bear lift at the holding compound was an event that is hit or miss for travelers to Churchill. It truly is spectacular to watch polar bears be flown northwest along the coast to a safe haven and released to the wild again. Timing is everything in order to catch one of these awesome spectacles! An incredible, unique experience if you can see it.


polar rover in Churchill

Group photo with guide Moira in front of a polar rover! Moira Le Patourel photo.


polar bear and polar rovers Churchill

A polar bear wandering between a couple of polar rovers. Moira Le Patourel photo.


polar bear in Churchill

Magnificent polar bear in the snow. Moira Le Patourel photo.


polar bears in Churchill

Polar bear family walking a trail in the CWMA. Moira Le Patourel photo.


polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear sniffing at the falling snow. Moira Le Patourel photo.


polar bear familly in Churchill

Polar bear family posing for a group shot. Moira Le Patourel photo.


polar bear lift at the polar bear holding facility churchill, manitoba

Lift off at the Polar Bear Holding Facility. Moira Le Patourel photo.


polar bear lift in Churchill, Manitoba

Up, up and away in the cargo nets for polar bear family. Moira Le Patourel photo.

While the polar bears on the land and in th air were exciting for all travelers, there was other wildlife to see as well. A regal red fox appeared from the willows to catch the eyes and camera lenses of the group. Ptarmigan as well made an appearance seemingly from out of nowhere. Both species reveal the secrets of the sub – Arctic to all those lucky enough to spot them. Magic seems to happen in Churchill especially during polar bear season!


Red fox in Churchill

Red fox emerging from the willows. Moira Le Patourel photo.


Ptarmigan in Churchill, Manitoba

Willow ptarmigan on the rover trail in the CWMA. moira Le Patourel photo.

Amazing Polar Bear Season – A Guides Perspective

Amazing experiences have come from this polar bear season in Churchill, Manitoba for Natural Habitat Adventures guide Moira Le Patourel! “I am thoroughly enjoying my third season in Churchill and have been absolutely thrilled with the sights that have come my way while guiding the six-day and seven-day Classic adventures this season. My guests and I have been lucky enough to enjoy encounters with snowy owls, arctic fox, red fox, arctic hare and LOTS of incredible views of polar bears (and polar boulders too!).” reported Le Patourel.

Churchill Tundra

Magnifecent light over the tundra in Churchill. Moira Le Patourel photo.

Moira's Photos - PB 6105 286 (1)

“One of my favourite moments of the season thus far was a late-in-the-day sighting of a female polar bear. She was spotted laying beside a frozen pond, along our road home. We were able to sit with her for a while, as the sun began to set on the tundra and on this beautiful bear. At first it seemed like only one adult bear was laying down, until a small black nose and a pair of ears poked out from behind. Smiles shone all around our Rover as we realized that we had the privilege of being in the presence of a mother polar bear and her cub of the year. The light faded slowly and all too soon we had to head home, leaving the mother and cub behind; our Rover crew silent in communal contentment, and smiling, appreciating all things polar bear.” stated Le Patourel.
As we come down the stretch of another incredible polar bear season in Churchill, excitement is overflowing from guides and travelers as well. Fresh perspectives from guides in Churchill enable us all to see the polar bear world with a clear mind and vision.

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