Churchill Polar Bear Stats

polar bear stats churchill, MB

Polar bear interaction stats for last week in and around Churchill. Town of Churchill image.

Polar bears are looking quite healthy these days as numbers are building around the Churchill area. With about a month to go before the official polar bear season, we are all getting excited for news and images from the tundra of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Stay tuned in for exciting reports from Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world!

Churchill Video of the Week – Polar Bears

A short mixed video of various spectacular wildlife sightings in Churchill during polar bear season in October and November. Some awesome footage of from a traveler to the region who was lucky to see just about every polar bear behavior and other wildlife as well. With polar bear season creeping up on us and bears already in the area, this footage should get travelers excited to venture to thew polar bear capital of the world. Enjoy!


Churchill Video of the Week – Ultimate Churchill

This multi – media compilation by Natural Habitat Adventures traveler Stephen Lurie from an ultimate 2013 group experience in Churchill, Manitoba gives an overview exploring the polar bear capital of the world. Seasoned guide Melissa Scott led the group on an amazing wildlife adventure, exploring the tundra from both air via helicopter and dog sled! Churchill’s wildlife and floral treasures reveal themselves when you look from all angles, often when you least expect them to.


Churchill Video of the Week

This short documentary about Churchill gives some perspective of the town through the eyes of local residents and the Churchill Mayor Mike Spence. It’s a rare candid view on what life is like in the polar bear capital of the world. This footage is from 2009 though in my experience things stay pretty consistent in the town. Not a lot changes over the years. It is quite a fascinating town. Enjoy the Churchillian perspective!

Inspiring Polar Bear Images – Polar Bear Season is Here!

Polar bear season in Churchill, Manitoba is a special time of year. Well, the season is upon us and travelers will be on the tundra searching for polar bears in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area by next week. These inspiring photos from Churchill will get everyone excited for amazing daily posts from the polar bear capital of the world.

Churchill polar bear

Older male polar bear. John Lehmann photo.

polar bear churchill

Polar bear emerging from a rest in the willows. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bear sniffing the air of Churchill. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar bears in Churchill.

Polar bears wrestling in the willows. Natural habitat photo.

Polar bear and polar rover.

Sniffing around the Polar Rover. Natural Habitat Adventures photo.

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