Live From Churchill: October 21, 2009

A daily field report on polar bears from our guide Steve Selden in our Churchill, Manitoba office! Check out our polar bear tours here.

Flurries carpeted the tundra this afternoon and I think white will be the color Churchill wears from now until Spring. Temps hung just below the freezing threshold at 25°F with little or no wind. The Hudson Bay remains calm when only two days ago the breakers were rising three to four feet behind the town complex building.

An Arctic Fox!  Photo: Steve Morello

An Arctic Fox! Photo: Steve Morello

On the other hand, wildlife viewing in the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) continues to impress. Guide Brad reports good bear activity down east on the tidal flats where his group also witnessed an Arctic Fox frolicking with a particularly large male. White Rumped Sandpipers also were seen foraging there while Black Belly Plovers, American Golden Plovers and Dunlin were observed in the Gordon Point vicinity much to the satisfaction of Guide Jared’s bird lovers.

These travelers were also quite delighted when, in the early afternoon, they came upon two Snowy Owls, one glowing white male and a darker immature animal, on the inland road. Meanwhile, somewhere between the flats and the Tundra Lodge, Guide Elise and her guests spotted a weasel and lemming while two gurfalcons soared nearby. Coincidence?

Not to be forgotten soon by her travelers was a large male Polar Bear standing up against their rover window at Gordon Point. Then, later, another female sleeping underneath the rover was a perfect way to wind down the afternoon and head back to the launch area.

Live From Churchill: Oct. 20, 2009

This is the first in a series of daily blogs from guide Steve Selden in our Churchill, Manitoba office! Churchill is renowned as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World” and is the starting point for several of our most popular adventures.

A chill of just below freezing came from the north and flurries scattered across the tundra all day long. After unseasonably cold days at the outset of the season and welcomed warming over the previous few days, we now are feeling normal Arctic cooling for this time of year.

Up close and personal! Photo: Steve Morello

Up close and personal! Photo: Steve Morello

Bears are moving over the land and heading in numbers from Wapusk National Park (WPN) into Churchill Wildlife Management Area (CWMA) where we saw plenty of them from our polar buggies and the famed Tundra Lodge. Today’s reports include sightings of bears upwards of 15 or more from one buggy, many congregating around Gordon Point along the coast. A great day at that hot-spot!

From our helicopters, today’s report is of guests seeing increasing numbers of bears at Cape Churchill, an annual mainstay and jumping off point onto the Bay as it freezes. Moose and caribou were sighted as well from the air sprinkled in amongst the mothers and cubs down towards Broad River in WPN.

All in all a very good day of wildlife sightings!

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