Arctic summer in Churchill

Churchill is warming up these days and soon the Arctic summer will be in full regalia. It is such a hopeful and vibrant time in the north as living things emerge from the bitter cold and snow cocoon. Sure, there will be days where the fierce north winds return with a vengeance of icy cold on its’ heals…but soon the summer will give all the locals the much needed peace of walking outside without ten pounds of extra coverings.

Here are some summer pics to get everyone in the spirit of the Arctic summer. Although it’s short, the days are cherished and deeply appreciated by Churchillians and travelers alike.

Beluga whale on the surface. Steve Selden photo.

Beluga whale on the surface. Steve Selden photo.

Swans on a thermakarst in Churchill,MB.

Swans on a thermakarst in the Churchill Wildlife Management area. Ed Bouvier photo.

Beluga zodiac.

Trolling for beluga whales in the Churchill River.

Hudsonian godwit on the Churchill shore.

Hudsonian godwit near the Churchill shore. Rhonda Reid photo.

Churchill,MB Fall colours.

Ed Bouvier photo.

Churchill wildflowers.

Wild flowers and precambrian shield. Steve Selden photo.






Beluga’s and bears

With the northern summer approaching and fall polar bear season just on the other side, I wanted to share some of the classic photo’s from the archives.Those who make the trek to Churchill in the summer to see the amazing tundra with all its’ wildflowers and micro-environments, thousands of beluga whales, foxes, bears and incredible, diverse bird life. The calm serenity of the foggy, chilly summer makes the isolation in nature all the more healing to the soul. If you have the itch to head north this Summer or Fall, Natural Habitat Adventures has a custom trip for you.

Clear water in the mouth of the Churchill River.

Beluga whales in the clear, cold water of the mouth of the Churchill River. Photo Steve Selden

Summer contrasts the fall when Churchill bustles with action from all the businesses and workers catering to the travelers descending upon the frontier town with hopes of seeing the majestic interactions of the polar bears. Of course there are other sights to take in as well…foxes, Arctic hare, snowy owls and other raptors, the changing weather systems and possibly some aurora borealis displays. However, the main attraction in October and November is Ursus Maritimus…or the polar bear. Perhaps this is why the summer continues to be my personal favorite time to head north…the wide range of sights and discoveries one can find each day. Anyone that loves polar bears and their kingdom must come to the region when the bears are mostly out on the Hudson Bay ice to the north.

Polar bear in the mist.

Curious polar bear checking out travelers.

Aurora over the boreal forest.

Aurora borealis over the boreal forest in Churchill,MB. Brad Josephs photo.

Igloo and inukshuk in the north.

Well built inukshuk and igloo in Churchill. Karen Walker photo.

A polar bear watches intently from the willows.

A polar bear keeps a watchful eye from the shelter of willows.

Sled dogs in Churchill,MB

Avid sled dogs in Churchill,MB. Brad Josephs photo.

Polar bear cooling off in the snow.

A polar bear relaxes and cools in the snow. Colby Brokvist photo.






Churchill webcam and beluga whale video

Here’s an amazing live look at Churchill, Manitoba from the lens of the rotating webcam mounted above the town. Spectacular views of the Churchill River, town center and the Hudson Bay give a year -round view of the frontier sub-arctic town.


With beluga whale season rapidly approaching, take a look at this cool video posted a year ago. A comprehensive look at what one can do out on the Churchill River and Hudson Bay. Not quite 50,000 whales come to the Churchill estuary but there are still plenty to go around in this little known wildlife experience.

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