Belugas and bears near the shore


Keeping polar bears toward the coast. Rhonda Reid photo.

Beluga whale singing kareoke. Sea North Tours photo.

Propeller guards on Sea North Tours boat. Sea North Tours photo.

Beluga whale puckering up for the camera. Sea North Tours photo.

Beluga whale with visible eye. Sea North Tours photo.

Beluga whales in the Churchill River

Check out this cool video of beluga whales swimming in the Churchill River in Churchill,Manitoba. Although summer is coming down the stretch here in Churchill, the whales are still hanging in the shallows of the river and Hudson Bay. A beautiful time of year in Churchill when time seems to come to a standstill. Enjoy this fantastic video! Have the urge to get up close and personal with these exotic creatures? Check out the 2015 summer season at Natural Habitat’s website!

Arctic summer of belugas and bears

Natural Habitat guide Stephanie Fernandez has had a busy Arctic summer in Churchill. These recent photos portray an amazing July and August full of wildlife, wildflowers and tundra life. The next couple of weeks will show a subtle transition toward fall as the land begins to paint itself in more earthen colors signaling the onset of the wild winter ahead. Nothing matches the liveliness of Churchill in summertime….a naturalists and explorers dreamworld!


Sow and cub resting peacefully on the precambrian shield. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


Natural Habitat travelers on the beach facing the Hudson Bay. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


Churchill River weir observation tower. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


Cross fox on glacial till along the beach. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


A Natural Habitat traveler tries her hand at driving the polar rover. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


Sunset over the Hudson Bay. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


Rare photo of a polar bear swimming. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


A beluga attracted to the bubbles and vibration of the zodiac motor. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

Belugas at the back of the zodiac. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

Belugas at the back of the zodiac. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


Arctic wildflowers with precambrian shield lying beyond. Stephanie Fernandez photo.


The beluga’s melon is used for echolocation. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

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