Elegy for the Arctic – Glacial Music Video


Acclaimed Italian composer and pianist Ludovico Einaudi performed “Elegy for the Arctic” near the Wahlenbergbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway to bring attention to the pressing global warming issue. Einaudi played on a baby grand piano on a floating platform as a glacier crumbled into the water around him. Greenpeace shipped the piano to the region from Norway on their ship the Arctic Sunrise.

Greenpeace sponsored the event in conjunction with OSPAR Commission meeting in Tenerife, Spain this week to make crucial decisions toward preserving the Arctic regions. A proposal to protect 10% of the Arctic ocean will foremost on the agenda. – OSPAR is so named from the original Oslo and Paris Conventions -“OS” for Oslo and “PAR” for Paris- that initiated the movement of protecting the Arctic.

“Being here has been a great experience. I could see the purity and fragility of this area with my own eyes and interpret a song I wrote to be played upon the best stage in the world,” Einaudi expressed via news release from Greenpeace. “It is important that we understand the importance of the Arctic, stop the process of destruction and protect it.”

Voicesforthearctic.org, is the website built by Greenpeace dedicated to the issue. Please help in protecting this fragile and pristine ecosytem and environment.

Churchill Via Rail Service Will Continue

A potential strike between Via Rail and its union Unifor was averted late Sunday thus allowing service across the country and specifically Churchill to continue this summer.

Via rail in Churchill

Churchill’s Via rail station with a train on the dock. Cartan Tours photo.

Unifor represents about 1,800 of Via’s 2,500 employees, was threatening a strike Monday at 12:01 a.m. However, Via announced via Twitter late Sunday that all trains would operate as scheduled. This news was greeted with a sigh of relief by many in Churchill as the busy beluga whale tourism season is starting now. With no roads into the town of Churchill, the only way to reach the polar bear capital is by train or airplane. Losing the more affordable train service would preclude many travelers from reaching the sub-Arctic village. That would also cause economic strife for many of Churchill’s businesses and seasonal workers.

Beluga whales in Churchill river

Beluga whales in the Churchill river. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

With this strike hurdle averted, we are hoping for another amazing Churchill Arctic Summer season with incredible surprises throughout. Stay tuned for updates from the tundra!

Happy Summer Solstice from Churchill

The longest day of the year is gorgeous in Churchill and the sun sets around 10:30 this evening. Tomorrow the daylight will begin to wane but Churchill’s Arctic summer is just beginning. Wildlife sightings have been bountiful so far this spring and we expect the summer to be just as prodigious with bird – life, wildlife and wildflowers keeping travelers enthralled with the northern mystique! This image by Alex De Vries – Magnifico captures the stoic energy Churchill embodies this time of year.

Churchill River with remnant ice - floes and Fort Prince of Wales on the horizon. Alex De Vries - Magnifico photo.

Churchill River with remnant ice – floes and Fort Prince of Wales on the horizon. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Ross’s Gull sighted in Churchill After five Years

The most elusive Arctic bird for bird watchers in Churchill has returned to the region. Well, at least that’s what Parc’s Canada is claiming on their website and twitter accounts. Of course the bird really hasn’t resurfaced until you see it if you’re the one in quest of the life – lister. There have been some reports of sightings and word is getting around that in fact the “Ross” is here and waiting to be checked off your life list. Come try and see this elusive gull this treasure packed Churchill Arctic summer!

Ross' gull

Ross’ gull along the rocky Churchill shore. Brian Small photo.

Ross's gull

Ross’s gull in flight. Bruce Mactavish photo.

Churchill Photos of the Week

These shots from two amazing Churchill photographers Katie de Meulles and Alex De Vries – Magnifico capture the calm and remoteness of Churchill. The clean, clear air in Churchill as summer arrives give these shots the clarity that makes the north and the Arctic so alluring. So looking forward to many more exciting images as we continue through the season! These are some of the best shots we have seen in awhile!

Inukshuk behind churchill complex

Awesome sunset shot from the beach in Churchill. Alex De Vries – Magnifico photo.

Churchill, Manitoba ice floe

Ice floe in the Hudson Bay near Churchill. Katie de Meulles photo.

Ice floe in Churchill, Manitoba

Having fun on an ice floe in the Churchill River. Alex de Vries – Magnifico photo.

Port of Churchill Churchill, Manitoba

Stoic image of the Churchill port on the Churchill River. Katie de Meulles photo.

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