Churchill photo of the Week – Moose

This fantastic photograph of two moose near Caution Creek in Manitoba taken by Rhonda Reid, shows the diversity of wildlife in the Churchill region. We love seeing these snapshots from the more remote areas away from Churchill. With no roads in or out of Churchill and the surrounding tundra, the land is wide open for wildlife to roam as they wish… truly a “wild” frontier.

moose churchill manitoba

Moose in the back country outside of Churchill. Rhonda Reid photo.

Churchill Weekly Photo – Polar Bear Lift

A late season necessitated more polar bear lifts than usual as Churchill and the surrounding area was inundated with the majestic animals. It looks like the season has finally come to a close with winter weather settling in and the Hudson Bay ice pack finally land – fast against the coast. Good news for polar bears as they are now able to begin replenishing their fat storage through seal – hunting! Hopes are high that the late start will bring a bounty of seals for hungry polar bears and the spring thaw will happen later than usual.

polar bear Churchill

Manitoba Conservation officers ready a polar bear for a lift north. Katie de Meulles photo.

Natural Habitat Aurora Pod Gets New Heater

After last year’s cold temperatures in the heart of northern lights season permeated the Aurora Pod, Great White Bear Tours and Natural Habitat Adventures collaborated to install a new heater to supplement the ambient pellet stove. The new diesel heater is the same one found on all of Great White Bear’s polar rovers and should allow for a quite comfortable experience even in the deepest cold of winter. Can’t wait to see how it performs while the fantastic aurora borealis glimmers above by the Hudson Bay coast!


The new super efficient heater installed on the exterior of the Aurora Pod. Great White Bear Tours photo.


A sleek, space – saving heater exhaust and intake in the Aurora Pod. Great White Bear Tours photo.

Northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

Natural Habitat’s Aurora Pod under the northern lights in Churchill. Alex De Vries Magnifico photo.

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