Churchill Weekly Photos – Igloos

The Toonik Tyme igloo building contest took place yesterday in Iqaluit and Paul Irngaut won first place. The Nunavut Court of Justice Building in Iqaluit was the site of this annual event that highlights one of the special survival skills of the wild north. The frigid cold weather limited the number of participants to only a handful and not many spectators. Hoping for better weather next year! These beautiful photos by Tristen Omik highlight the feel of the event.

Tristen Omik


Churchill Video of the Week

Beluga whales are very curious by nature. When one gets in the water with them to snorkel, whales will trail the boat and come upon a snorkeler being pulled along slowly. It has also been discovered that they are attracted to the human voice, women’s more than men’s for some reason. Music is also a strange attraction for the belugas. Come to Churchill this summer on a Natural Habitat Adventure and discover the underwater lives of beluga whales!

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