Sea North Beluga Spyhop

Beluga whales in the Churchill River.

Baby beluga pops out of the Churchill River just in time for this selfie. Jossum McLean photo.

Beluga whale action in the Churchill River and Hudson Bay is ramping up with incredible photo opportunities happening on a daily basis! This image from Sea North Tours guide Jossum McLean is a rare look at a beluga baby spy-hopping out of the water to get a look at the zodiac and passengers. As a guide in Churchill Summer season for over ten years, I rarely was able to time this phenomenon and capture the moment with my camera. What an amazing shot from Churchill!

Polar Bears in Churchill

Polar bears in Churchill

Polar bear family on the rocks in Churchill. Don Walkoski photo.


Polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba

A polar bear mom watches over her grappling cubs in Churchill. Don Walkoski photo.


Polar bear family in Churchill.

A polar bear family relaxes in the grass by the Hudson Bay in Churchill. Dorota Walkoski photo.

These three polar bear shots come to us from Great White Bear Tours in Churchill! Polar bears are roaming the tundra and ready to wait it out until polar bear season starts in October. Churchill in the summer is one of the most unique places to experience nature on the planet. Add in the thrill of seeing polar bears without the throngs of travelers in polar bear season and the opportunity to discover the wonders of Arctic nature.


Churchill Photo of the Week – Hello Bear

This polar bear wandered right up to this front door of a housing building in Churchill. Benjamin Oman took this shot while the bear was contemplating its next move. Churchill is a wild town and residents and visitors need to always be aware, even more in summer months when bears tend to move around town and people often let their guard down. Polar Bear Alert will relocate the bear as they do in polar bear season. Give them a call if you see a bear near or in town at   204-675-2327!

Happy Canada Day

Mother polar bears avoid having their cubs swim in the ocean until they have the fat reserves to protect them. Jonathan Hayward photo.

Happy Canada Day from! Enjoy the day everyone.

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