Churchill Sunday Photo – Pop Up Polar Bear

Polar bear churchill

Polar bear peeking out through its napping area in the Churchill willows. Leah Okin Magowan photo

Polar bears bed down in the willows in the fall polar bear season in Churchill to conserve their energy and waning fat reserves. When they are aroused or catch a waft of some unusual smell they will pop up from their slumber ad shelter. Some of these sightings are the most exciting and memorable of a polar bear adventure to Churchill on the Hudson Bay!

Churchill Sunday Photos

tundra swans churchill

Tundra swans along the coast with the spring melt in full force. Katie de meulles photo.


Gyrfalcon in Churchill, Manitoba

A gyrfalcon perched in Churchill. Katie de meulles photo.

Two awesome images from Churchill photographer Katie DeMeulles.This time of year in Churchill is when birds are arriving all over the tundra and the landscape is alive. These swans and gyrfalcon are early to the spring party.We can’t wait for the progression of seasons brings more and more species to the region. Enjoy.

Churchill Sunday Photos – Chillin

polar bear in Churchill

A polar bear basks in the cold with visions of ice on the Hudson Bay. Bonnie Chartier photo.


Churchill polar bear

Polar bear cleaning his fur in the fresh snow. Leah Okin Magowan photo.


polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba

A polar bear lounging in the refreshing Churchill snow. Alex De Vries-Magnifico photo.


polar bear cubs nursing churchill, Manitoba

Nursing polar bear cubs. Jeff Klofft photo.

Only five months to polar bear season so we all have some time to relax. Especially these polar bears from past seasons. Really great shots of the King of the north!

Churchill Weekly Photos – Igloos

The Toonik Tyme igloo building contest took place yesterday in Iqaluit and Paul Irngaut won first place. The Nunavut Court of Justice Building in Iqaluit was the site of this annual event that highlights one of the special survival skills of the wild north. The frigid cold weather limited the number of participants to only a handful and not many spectators. Hoping for better weather next year! These beautiful photos by Tristen Omik highlight the feel of the event.

Tristen Omik


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