Belugas in the Hudson Bay

These are some of the coolest photos we have seen from the Churchill River of the beluga whales. Andy Murch from Bigfish Expeditions took these on a recent visit to Churchill. He has refined his ability to capture these animals in their natural habitat with incredible clarity. Beluga season has been revealing incredible treasures and these “canaries of the sea” are the focus of an incredible northern experience on the Hudson Bay. Enjoy!

Sparring Polar Bears in Water

An awesome photograph by Andy Murch of polar bears sparring in the water in Churchill. Guide Alex De Vries – Magnifico lead the group via zodiac to this secret polar bear hangout. After a morning snorkeling with beluga whales in the Churchill River, this was an amazing way to finish off a great day on the water. This summer polar bears have been prolific most of the season with some groups seeing up to 20 bears. This is unusual as some years sightings can be quite scarce. Enjoy!

polar bears sparring in Churchill, Manitoba

Polar bears sparring in the water in Churchill. Andy Murch/Big Fish photo.

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