Video – Orcas Hunting Seals in Antarctica

This thrilling footage of orca whales coordinating a seal hunt in Antarctica exhibits the collaboration these animals rely on to maximize their potential to capture prey in the harsh conditions of Antarctica. Orcas have been spotted more regularly in the Arctic waters this past decade and are increasingly hunting those waters with more ice – free days. The Hudson Bay waters around Churchill have been frequented by orcas within the last few years. It will be interesting to see how these animals interact with polar bears as they compete for prey during the ice free or even semi ice – free seasons.


Churchill Sunday Photo – Arctic Tern

This Arctic tern photo by David Hemmings is a fitting salute to the final days of Churchill’s Arctic summer season. Most of these birds will be making their return voyage south of around 22,000 miles to Antarctica. They will make their zig – zag return of the same amount of miles next year to the rich feeding grounds of the Arctic and the Churchill region!

Arctic tern with capelin

Arctic tern with a capelin in mouth. David Hemmings photo.

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