Cold hits hard in Churchill

With a wind chill of -45 to -50 degrees in Churchill at the moment, I don’t want to hear anyone whining elsewhere about temps in the teens. After spending 12 Fall seasons in Churchill, even close to Winter, I’m a little more accustomed to cold at its’ peak. Nothing can compare to that kind of cold. I’ve experienced it a few times and trust me it’s a whole new world!

The Canadian Rangers are heading out on the land for some training maneuvers at this time ….they have to be some of the toughest humans on the planet.

Rangers ready to head out on their snow machines. Rhonda Reid photo.

 As the town settles in to some quality “inside” time with self or families, the polar bears are out on the ice hunting seals in their frozen dens. Moms with cubs are nestled in their own dens in and around Wapusk National the Winter out with anticipation of emerging into the world in March. Then they will head to the ice to gain the experience of hunting together on the ice pack.

Sow with cubs in Churchill,MB

Mom stays near her two cubs. Karen walker photo.

The cold is really a game in ones mind. If you really believe that the cold is going to take away your warmth and harm will. If you adjust and develop a resistance ..or rather..a coexistence, you will come to enjoy the crisp air against your skin…things in life could be worse…you are alive in the cold. Just enjoy it…the warmth of Summer will be all the more gratifying.

Sled dogs in Churchill,Mb.

Sled dogs in training for the Hudson Bay Quest. Brad Josephs photo.

The next post will be a preview of this years Hudson Bay Quest dogsled race coming in March. One of the most exhilarating races in North America has captured the imagination of many premier mushers hoping to take home the top prize. this year’s race promises to be the best yet. An in depth preview to come.

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