Churchill Photo of the Week – Seal Meal

Polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear finishing up a seal meal on the Hudson Bay ice. Brad Josephs photo.

With an earlier than usual freeze-up of the Hudson Bay, Churchill polar bears were able to get a jump on their winter fat storage process. Seals were being devoured about 10 miles offshore and this opportunistic polar bear has just finished up a delectable dinner to keep him going for awhile. Let’s hope this winter supplies these voracious polar bears with the food they need to survive the summer months.

Churchill Fan Photo Friday

Today, in honor of my son Jack’s last day of fourth grade, is having fan photo Friday! We encourage you to submit any of your favorite Churchill or Arctic photographs to our Churchill Polar Bears Facebook page and they will be published in our blog at Please include a brief description of the photo along with any other story you would like to tell about your amazing experience. Thanks to all for contributing and sharing your love of Churchill and the north!

Here are a few of my favorite photographs from Churchill:

A polar bear family waiting out the fall by the Hudson Bay coast in Churchill Wildlife Management Area in Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear cubs with mother by the coast of Hudson Bay. Kurt Johnson photo.

Polar bear sow and cub out near Halfway Point. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

Polar bear sow and cub out near Halfway Point. Stephanie Fernandez photo.

Two coys nurse from mom on the tundra in Churchill,MB.

Coys nursing in the CWMA. Eric rock photo.

A polar bear chills in the snow.

Chillin in the snow. Colby Brokvist photo.

Polar bears sparring in Churchill, Manitoba.

Sparring bears in the CWMA. Melissa Scott photo.

Churchill Photos of the Week – Polar Bears

Here are some fantastic photos of polar bears from really talented photographers! Enjoy the Churchill images on this Tuesday. I’m amazed at how many new depictions of polar bears capture their incredible beauty from so many different vantage points. We would love to post some of your best wild polar bear photos. Post them on our Facebook page: Churchill Polar Bears.

polar bear sow and cubs

Polar bear mom and cubs. Roie Galitz photo.

sparring polar bears

Polar bears sparring intently. Simon Gee photo.

Polar bear in Churchill, Manitoba sniffing around the polar rover.

Polar bear sniffing its way around a polar rover. Brad Josephs photo.

A polar bear lurking in the willows around Churchill, Manitoba.

Polar bear in the willows in Churchill. Eric rock photo.

Come photograph the majestic polar bears of Churchill this fall!

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