Churchill Town Complex to Undergo Study

A study researching new ways to utilize the Town Centre facility in Churchill will be conducted with a total cost of $35,000. The centre is owned by the province and they are hoping to find new ways to enhance the building in order to initiate more interest in using the facility as a conference center.

Town Centre in Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill Town Complex. Courtesy Town of Churchill.

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation and Manitoba Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport, and Protection will both provide $15,000 toward the study and the Town of Churchill will kick in another $5,000. The idea of developing a conference center that will be capable of hosting 150 people will be the main focus and objective of the study

“While Churchill has become a premier eco-tourism destination and is internationally recognized for polar bear and beluga whale viewing, the community is wise to seek ways to diversify its economy,” said Minister Kostyshyn.  “As well, the existing building is pivotal to community life and adding new services to its roster may benefit area residents.”

“We hope to improve Churchill’s economic sustainability by capturing business opportunities to build on its already successful tourism seasons,” said Minister Lemieux.  “Churchill potentially offers a highly unique experience for meetings and conventions, which could be attractive to certain user groups.”

The assessment will explore this new objective and also analyze other remote northern facilities that have implemented meeting and convention centers as a means of drawing visitors to their communities. The study is expected to be finished by the fall.

“This partnership-based approach will seek to continue our community’s ongoing economic diversification efforts while at the same time enabling a new use for Town Centre Complex.  We are pleased to undertake this necessary next step,” said Mayor Michael Spence, Town of Churchill.

Currently the Town Centre is operated through an annual grant from the Manitoba government. The many facets of the facility include a swimming pool, ice rink, movie theater, high school, bowling alley, public library, curling club, hospital, playground and town offices of Churchill.


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