Churchill Extreme Weather and Ice Report

Churchill is under a cold siege! The next 14 hours or more are supposed to be very cold in the region. How cold? An extreme wind chill factor resulting in minus thirty and below centigrade is expected. Extreme cold warnings go into affect when the temperatures fall between minus 30 C and minus 50 C for two hours or more.

Spruce trees in the snowy storm in Churchill, Manitoba.

Spruce trees in the blowing snow of a blizzard. Brad Josephs photo.

Churchill is expected to push the minus 50 C level resulting from minus 30 C and below real temperatures coupled with 15-20 km/hour winds overnight into Sunday.

Extra caution is being advised to those people needing to go outside or those who work in the cold.

With the intense cold, the sea ice in the Hudson Bay builds to very thick which will bode well for an extended polar bear seal -hunting season.

Hudson Bay - WIS54SD - 2014-12-29 18:00:00 UTC



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