Churchill Red Fox Action Photos

We posted these awesome red fox action images earlier today on our Churchill Polar Bears Facebook page and thought we should open up the exposure to fans. These two sequential and amazing red fox pics were taken by Great White Bear Tours in Churchill. Many photographers spend years trying to get the fox diving into snow to capture a lemming or rodent of some sort. Soon travelers from all over will arrive in Churchill and have a chance to get their own red fox shots under the magical northern lights!


red fox churchill, Manitoba

A red fox leaps to capture prey under the snow in Churchill. Great White Bear Tours photo.

red fox in Churchill, Manitoba

Red fox pouncing on possible prey under the Churchill snow. Great White Bear Tours photo.

Churchill Facebook Chat – Polar Bear in the Backyard

This is not the typical Facebook chat most people in the North America engage in. However, I thought it was so descriptive of what it’s like to live in Churchill, the polar bear capital of the world. We tend to take for granted what is most beautiful yet somewhat scary and dangerous in Churchill. Pretty cool to think about!

 RR- Bear in my back yard, they’ve got it headed toward the complex.

PSK- Down by the beach now.

TK-  In my backyard right now–the neighbors’ trash cans. Gusty winds.

LC- Too close for me, I know you are careful.

RR- Watch the show from my kitchen window.

Polar bear in Churchill.

Polar bear nose. Drew Hamilton photo.

polar bear in Churchill.

Polar bear in Churchill. drew Hamilton photo.

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