Churchill Photos of the Week

Churchill is experiencing a warm spell with temperatures this week in the single fahrenheit digits. The “warmer” air is welcome after an extended streak of frigid cold the past few weeks. The region currently has light snow with the temperatures to dip below zero for the next couple of days and then back above that mark by week’s end.

This weeks photos are in honor of the warmth. Summer will be here before you know it and here are some fun Arctic northern summer shots to keep you warm! Enjoy!

Fall colors in the tundra and pre cambrian sheild, Churchill, Manitoba.

August colors of the tundra. Ed Bouvier photo.

Pisew Falls near Thompson, Manitoba.

Pisew Falls near Thompson, Manitoba. Steve Selden photo.

Fort Prince of Wales in Churchill, Manitoba.

Looking for polar bears from Fort Prince of Wales in Churchill. Steve Selden photo.

polar bear in the boreal forest in Churchill, manitoba.

polar bear emerging from the boreal forest. Steve Selden photo.

Shorebird along the Hudson Bay.

Shorebird wading in the tidal waters of the Hudson Bay. Steve selden photo.

Tundra swans on the water in Churchill, Manitoba.

Tundra swans on an inland pool. Ed Bouvier photo.

killer whales in the Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba.

Orca’s in the Hudson Bay. Dwight Allen photo.

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