Churchill Photo of the Week – Cross Fox

What a stellar shot of a cross fox with a lemming in its mouth by Konan Wendt is quite a catch for the photographer and the fox. A plethora of foxes have inhabited the northern tundra this season. A noticeable increase in Arctic and Cross foxes has allowed for some interesting shots like this one that have been absent for a few years.Polar bears have been the main draw here in Churchill though the fox population has rivaled the king of the Arctic this season. Enjoy!

Churchill Polar Bear Season Excites

These outstanding images from Churchill come from Natural Habitat Adventures guide Brad Josephs. His amazing photography skills bring us the current feel of the tundra with the fresh snow cover. It’s snowing today as well in the region so we should expect more fantastic winter scenes to come. Polar bear season has been filled with incredible wildlife sightings so far. Foxes have been seen all over the tundra and a large number of mother’s and cubs have been appearing over the last week. More to come as the week progresses! Enjoy.


Curious and beautiful red fox. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bears churchill

Weary mother and cubs on the tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

Snowy churchill silver fox

Silver fox scampering through the snowy tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bear and polar rover

Polar bear investigates the humans on a polar rover. Brad Josephs photo.

gyrfalcon in Churchill

Gyrfalcon rests on the snowy tundra. Brad Josephs photo.

polar bear in Churchill

Polar bear winks at the travelers on a rover. Brad Josephs photo.

Churchill Video of the Week – Beluga Habitat

Beluga whale estuaries in the Hudson Bay are being studied for their thriving ecosystems. Biologists are focusing on whale populations that are healthy and the factors that contribute to their success. These factors have overlapping effects and allow for healthy populations of other species in the area. Polar bears, Arctic birds, fish, foxes and other land and sea animals thrive when an ecosystem enjoys favorable balance.

This video from Seal River, just north along the coast from Churchill, shows a quite similar ecosystem to Churchill. Enjoy the beautiful footage and insightful views from the various biologists working in the area. Nice to hear some good news about the Arctic these days!

Polar bear mother and cub video

Some nice video from late polar bear season of a sow and cub near the Tundra lodge. Hudson Bay ice moved in around mid November aiding in thinning out the congregation of bears in the Churchill region. Another wave of bears came through after with a good concentration of mother’s with cubs. Overall the season provided incredible displays from polar bears, lots of sparring, and foxes everywhere. Bird life was plentiful and seal kills were discovered from time out on the coastline. With winter closing in fast now, current temp is -9 F, most of the action is slowing down.  Polar bears are on ice and the town is back to normal, “tundra time.” Keep an eye out for more video and news from the north coming your way.

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