Aurora photo blog from Churchill

Brad Josephs got his dream shot last night with a group of Natural Habitat travelers.

The aurora have been incredible lately in Churchill though temperatures have been frigidly cold…around 50 below zero.

Avoiding frostbite is part of the thrill of being in this environment.

A welcoming dog photographed by Brad at a train stop in Portage la Prarie.

Magnificent sun dog formed by suspended ice crystals in the air.

Aurora over the "aurora domes", a prime indoor spot to photograph the lights. Photo Brad Josephs.

Aurora over the “aurora domes”, a prime indoor spot to photograph the lights.

A curious sled dog in Churchill getting ready for the Hudson Bay Quest in a couple weeks.

Incredible feel for this time of year in Churchill with sun dog framing the town.


These photographs are from the latest Natural Habitat groups in Churchill over the last two weeks. Brad Josephs has been braving the frigid temperatures to lead groups of avid travelers through the Churchill region to discover the feel for the north as well as the amazing and mysterious aurora borealis. Seems to be all working out for the groups. The aurora have been some of the best seen in years. With temperatures ranging from -17 to -65 F, it hasn’t been an easy task to brave the elements and observe and photograph. However, it has been worth a little pain as even the locals in Churchill have said that these recent displays have been some of the best they have ever seen! More to come..stay tuned!!

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