Churchill Photos of the Week

Polar bears get all the press in Churchill, Manitoba. They are why most travelers head north to the Hudson Bay shoreline… hoping to see the “king of the Arctic”. Another animal is quite prevalent in the area and they inhabit the town year-round.

Sled dogs of different breeds are scattered all across the tundra on the outskirts of town. Mushers locate them in groups of 10-50 in designated areas on crown land leased for that purpose. With the increasing popularity of dog-sledding from a tourism standpoint as well as the increase in passion for professional endurance races such as the Hudson Bay Quest, the iconic “husky” sled dog has become an animal attraction for those wanting to get the full flavor of the Arctic.

Enjoy these fantastic photographs from Churchill…the new “sled dog” capitol of the north!

Hudson Bay Quest in Churchill, MB.

Hudson Bay Quest race start 2014 in Churchill, MB. Brad Josephs photo.

Canadian sled dog in Churchill, Manitoba

Canadian Eskimo sled dog outside Arctic Trading Company in Churchill. Karen Walker photo.

Churchill sled dogs.

Sled dog team waiting for the signal in Churchill.

Sled dog taking a quick rest between runs in Churchill, Manitoba.

Sled dog taking a quick rest between runs in Churchill.

Charlie Lundie and his Churchill,Manitoba dog team.

Churchill musher Charlie Lundie and his dog team. Steve Selden photo.

Churchill sled dogs in full mush mode. Brad Josephs photo.

Churchill sled dogs going for the gold. Brad Josephs photo.

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