Northern Lights Storm in Iceland

This short film, Eye of the Storm is set in Iceland. Storms of all kinds form in Iceland with, sand, ash, snow, rain and solar being the most common. Storms often demonstrate the power of nature and its effects on our planet Earth. Natures mystery is unveiled when we see the landscapes created from They reveal nature’s beauty and its hand in creating the landscapes visible today. This compilation was filmed in Iceland between February and March of 2014 when a phenomenal solar flare and coronal mass ejection collided with Earth’s atmosphere. The northern lights emanating from particles colliding with the atmosphere are just supernatural in appearance. Enjoy!

Northern Lights Drone Video

Here’s some tremendous drone footage of northern lights in Reykjanes Iceland..Natural Habitat Adventures is gearing up for another spectacular Churchill northern lights season starting in January. If this season is anything like last season we are in for another wild and amazing ride. The incessant aurora borealis captivated travelers last year as they enjoyed the show from the Aurora Pod or Aurora Domes on the outskirts of the sleepy frontier town on the shores of the Hudson Bay. The Churchill skies have been lighting up the northern lights thrill meter at an incredible rate all year long. However, the three month prime season is truly sensational. We are very excited to see what mystical happenings occur this winter in Churchill!

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