Churchill Not Only Town With Polar Bear Patrols

Greenland polar bears.

Polar bears in the town of Ittoqqortoormiit in eastern Greenland. Arctic Journal photo.

Eastern Greenland and specifically the town of Ittoqqortoormiit, have been forced to extend their polar bear patrols through the month of October, reports WWF Denmark, a conservancy.

The WWF-funded patrols had been scheduled to cease at the end of September,  however due to the consistent high number of polar-bear sightings in and around the town of 500, the patrols will extend for an additional month.

After meetings between  WWF representatives and Ittoqqortoormiit residents earlier in the year regarding interactions between humans and polar bears, the patrols were

According to the WWF, next year will see an expanded version of the polar bear patrols for local communities in eastern Greenland.

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